Hello Comrades, Svetlana Profile is online, little pinup versions that i usually do to go with main image will be added later, i have not decided yet what variation to do for Svetlana’s pinup.
If you into cowgirls and milking machines, next update will be right up your alley, i have just finished inking it.


Hey Comrades, remember bunny Sponty from wile back? Well she got cought between Charlie and Meryl, fighting for her affection, with predictable results.
Find all about it the new update, with sexy story by Ada to boot!


Hey comrades. Im continuing with horse-girl character sheets, This week its Sam. There is little bonus for me American comrades in form of belated 4th of July version of Sam’s Profile picture.

Im half way trough 3 way action picture, with story by Ada, and it will be next update, so look forward to it.

Dont forget to check out PRINTSHOP, i do update it regularly

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