Greetings Comrades. I really liked Valentines’s day story from few years back and decided to finish up with two new pictures. Today’s update is Part 2, with part 3 coming next week.

Link to part 1 is under the main picture of today’s update.


New Update is up! I was inspired by Centerfolds from 80s Playboy Magazines. Especially by the way they got lit.

i got a twitter account now: https://twitter.com/dmitrys_futa

Also i been rebloging Animations done by some talented folks feturing my charcters, check them out on my tumblr: http://dmitrysfutadotcom.tumblr.com/


Hey Comrades. In December i want to do 4 part series involving Peach, April and one of older family members. Help me choose outfits for Peach and April.

Vote on the costume you want them to wear in this poll : http://strawpoll.me/5839101
(you can vote on multiple outfit, but please vote on at least one for Peach and one for April.)

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