Greetings Comrades. Todays update is some CG work for the game demo in working on. Im showing some of the possible dress and expression coombinations to be used in the game, there is more expressions and dress options, but i want to keep them as a surprise. There still work to do, some more sprites to add to base model, tweaking coloring and adding shading. But for now programmer will use her as template for game development.

This lady does not have a name, and that’s where you Comrades are coming in. Along with your opinion on this character leave a comment with what you think HER NAME should be.


Greetings Comrades, today’s update is page 3 of Sasha’s Comic. Things are starting to heat up in the story, and only gonna get hotter from here. I wanted to take it fairly slow in the beginning, but action gonna start ramp up from the next page.
Ill be honest i got a bit carried away with layout, wanting to cram as much information in single page. Im pretty happy with the result, but i missed my sunday deadline so ill post ink version now, and shaded a bit later.

Next update will be another new character for the game project, new yet familiar milf futa character, perhaps a tribute to well beloved l


Today’s update is a peek at some Game CG im doing, im testing and trying out few things, learning the whole process of how to produce graphics for visual novel game. I think i got a hang of it. This character will be featured in the game, first one you meet so i thought it would be appropriate to start with her and test out the art style.

Next week is third page of Sasha comic.

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