Greetings Comrades.
Hope there is fans of Classic Lara Croft among you, since she is my favorite and today’s update features her in full futa glory plus a pussy version.

So enjoy and let me know how you like it.


Greetings Comrades.

No pinup this week, but i think i got something even better, over a minute of previews for animations im working on with Jimmy.
Let us know in comments what you think of these so far.

In other news, i finished doing art for Svetlana Dressup app, programmer now putting it together, there will be more news in few weeks.


Greetings Comrades.

Today update is some more production art for Charlie x Roxy animation in the works. Majority of animation is done, and now we focusing on adding additional scenes to tie narrative together a bit better.

im currently juggling several projects, including pinups, animation and art for apps, so types of updates on the site is mixed but for next update i hope to bring you high quality a pinup, of popular character.

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