I have idea for little DateSim, featuring a sex worker that you interact with, help me choose who will be said sex worker.
Click on banner and it will take you to the voting page.

Normal site update featuring futa cowgirl is in the work and should be done by Friday.


Hey Comrades, My little experiment is done, at least its 1.0 iteration. Download and play with Svetlana, discover all the possible combinations of gear and items.

I hope you have fun.


Greetings Comrades. First of all apologies for almost two weeks of no updates. Animation and Game development projects had sudden spike of activity that caught me off-guard, with half finished cowgirl milking update. There some exiting developents with animation, project made a serious turn and i have written a script and drawn half of the storyboards for it. On game development front im collaborating with professional game programmer with experience developing for mobile and desktop, we currently polishing out gemeplay details for simple but sexy card based game with a twist. Im very exited for both projects and they show allot of promise. Both of them futa related so you guys have something different to look forward to from DmitrysFuta.

Speaking of different, next update will be in a new format that i want to try out. Along with nude pinup of Svetlana i will be releasing a Photoshop file, where using layers you can dress up Svetlana in whole bunch of different sexy fetish wear. Think RPG character gear dress up, only with hung russian horse-girl.

If you don’t have Photoshop you can download 30day free trial on Adobe website, i will release some simple instructions on how to work it once i release Svetlan’s Dressup.

If you want to folow my day to day updates it best if you follow me on

Tumblr: http://dmitrysfutadotcom.tumblr.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dmitrys-Futa/1444626009095912

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