Hey Comarades.

Girlfrend had operation done on her knee in past week and i been taking care of her, because of that i was unable to work as much, so i apologize for late update. Im posting 3 new sketches for upcoming works, i hope you enjoy them.


Greetings Comrades.

Todays update was born from question one of the fans asked, who has the most money out of all my characters. Answer was Easy. So i did a sketch that later grew into picture you saw today. Ada helped with the text.


Grettings Comrades.

In today’s update i wanted to explore two sides of Peach, slutty trap side that we all familiar with and a new “civilian” side of him. I tried to imagine what peach would look like as boy living a double life.
I came up with few hair styles of his “boy” version and i want to vote on one you like the best that i will use in the future.

Hope you enjoy two images in today update, let me know in comments, and gain dont forget to vote.

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