Greetings Operators, today’s operation involves operators operating operationally in operations. This is all, we are Oscar Mike.


Greetings Comrades.

Today im bringing you project for witch i have partnered up with Ada and Lustomic.com.
Its a Director’s Cut of Peach Cam Show. All new story that i commissioned Ada is combined with images from Peach Cam Show, an interactive project that i run on this site few years back. Wile most of the images you have seen before on this site, story is all new. Pack also includes never before seen sketches and work in progress images in high resolution.

I hope you enjoy it, and even if its not your cup of tea, perhaps let your friends know. Once that you wanted to show what Dmitrys Futa art all about, this is good entry level and vertical slice.
If there enough interest, in the future i will be able to do same treatment with Creamy Ranch perhaps with even more extras.
Thank you for your support.

Dmitrys, out.
PS: Some hot futa on trap action coming this weekend.


Greetings Comrades.

I hope you had great Halloween, and if you not celebrate….i hope you had great end of October. I was planning to do this pic for Tuesday update as a quick pic but things dragged on and i wanted to do a bit more polish.
I have to credit pic idea to my gf, she had fun with cat ladies on Halloween and wanted a pic in the same theme. You might recognize this character as a maid who cums in her mistresses food all the time, its seems like its going to be her meme from now on.

Big pic coming this weekend along with announcement regards to Peach Cam Show.

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