Hey Comrades. Dmitrys here with a fresh creation. Following latest trend of posting Photoshop files that you can customize, here is another one.
Actually its two separate versions, one of Nekonelle a villain from Sailor-moon series and, Belaya Koshka a more “cvilian” version Nekonelle.

Make sure you download both PSD files, links are above and blow the pinups. I hope you have fun creating different combinations of futa cat girls.
This is a bit of a glance for bigger interactive projects i have in mind.


Greetings Comrades.

New Customization PSD file is out, works same way as Svetlana dress up from last update. Unfortunately due to starting as a pinup there is not as much options, but i hope you still have fun.
I apologize for long wait, i did not anticipate this taking so long. Ill release next update on time, and i plan it to b


I have idea for little DateSim, featuring a sex worker that you interact with, help me choose who will be said sex worker.
Click on banner and it will take you to the voting page.

Normal site update featuring futa cowgirl is in the work and should be done by Friday.

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