Greetings Comrades, Dmitrys here. I know you all like frequent updates so i got my friend GreenGriffin to do midweek updates for this site. These updates will feature cast of my characters in settings that i don’t usually draw them, along with other fun stuff.
I will still be updating every weekend but now you get extra update per week with GreenGriffin’s sweet work. My next update coming this weekend will be a result of Facebook 2K likes poll thingy.


Greetings Comrades, just a quick update today. Wallpaper version of cover image for Peach Cam Show, plus exclusive sketches showing how drawing process took places.


Hey Comrades, Here is Wet version of previous update. Hope you enjoy the changes.

FB page have hit 2K likes and i had run a little vote on what people want to see to commemorate that, so next update will be result of that vote.
In other news i have opened my official Tumblr page, ill be posting previews and sometimes sketches, but also use it so you can ask me questions in more personal meaner.


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