Greetings Comrades.

Big update today. Classic Peach Cam Show, with an all new story in one convenient package along with character profiles for your viewing and reading pleasure.

I know some of you are eager to share my art with friends on social networking sites and image boards. In the case of this update could you please keep to sharing the first three pages.
I want this update to be something special for fans who financially support me, and make it possible for me to create futa artwork instead of working in advertising or some other boring job that I may have gotten.


Greetings Comrades.

A real treat from GreenGriffin. You Might remember old character of mine, simply called a Dragon Girl (that i originally drawn as gift to GreenGriffin), in today’s update she is paired of with Spark for some hot action. SIX different variations on the image with little story line trown in. I hope you enjoy.
This will be last update from GreenGriffin for a wile .
Im working on Character Profiles for Creamy Ranch cast, and next week will have Courtney’s Character Profile up on the site.


Hello Comrades.

I been feeling unwell for past week, so update is late. Going forward im thinking of having updates every Fridays for time being.

Today’s update is design for new Character, Truddy is a shy and modest girl working as shop assistant at Smut Mart. I plan to have Elodie interact with Truddy during her adventures.
It was a bit of a challenge,trying to capture feeling and look of this character, after trial and error im happy with the result.

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