Yellow this is Pur.. i mean Dmitrys, and this is replay of me playing carry Crystal Maiden All Pick in US West, against some of my countrymen.

I dont play dota 2 anymore but back in the day i promised a fan who recognized me in game to draw Peach as CM whom i was playing that game. Here is the result.


Hello Comrades.

Todays update is inspired by reaction for Emily Profile pic i posted last week.

I got announcement coming up for a project combining something old and something new, be assured you will see more Emely, i will keep you updated.


Greetings Comrades! As teased earlier here is Emily’s profile, to go along with her sisters. Soon enoth Kathrine the mother of the girls will be joining them in having a Character sheet along with all the other horse girls.

Next week i planed some fancy Charlie action so stay tuned.

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