Greetings Comrades. Little Character pic i did to my buddy and story contributor Salario, its his character Yaku.
Working on next Charlie update took longer than i anticipated, i had to make few changes to it. Im aiming to finish it by Wednesday so look forward to that.

For all asking for more character profile pictures, they are coming and i will make one for each more or less important character, it just would take time. Next ones i plan to do is Emily and Scarlet.


Hello Comrades. I had come down with some kinda head cold this week, so could not work on a big picture, but managed to whip something up to thank fans for getting over 1K likes on official Facebook page. I know you guys wanted to see more of April and Roxy so here is little taste, i hope you enjoy. Charlie Pinup Coming next week.


Hello Comrades, More adventures of Charlie, this time some hardcore action with futa girl she just meet. Find out more in hot as fuck story done by Ada.

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