Comrades! Second Page of Sasha Comic is done, i think im getting into grove of it. Im exited to try new things and challenge myself in terms of visual story telling. Ada is helping me with story so you know its going to be good. Im thinking for a little wile this comic will be main focus with occasional pinup here and there.


Hey Comrades.

I have updated post from few weeks back with cum and dick-outside-the-pussy versions. Also i have redone some of the shading i was not very happy with and updated Ell with tattoo on her left arm.

For next update i want to start updating Sasha comix, i think its going to be interesting to start doing more narrative updates, its been a wile since i had a done a story since Creamy ranch had ended.

In other news INPRNT having free world wide shipping until sunday so grab yourself one of the prints from PRINTSHOP


Greetings Comrades. This update features Slutty futa punk Lexxi, read all about her online adventures in the awesome story done by Ada.

In other news i have updated print shop with some of your requests and do plan to add more, after i look over your comments.


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