Greetings Comrades.

As i mentioned in previous post, people been asking for more April, especially a character profile card for her. Before doing more art of her, i want to update her design since i was never very happy with her hairstyle. Help me choose her fresh new look, by voting on your favorite hairstyles on display in todays update.

Next week, will most likely be a halloween picture.


Greetings Comrades.
Apologies for long brake from posts, pesky problems with house moving cropped up and keept me away from finishing work.

Anyways i present you leader of bad girls in Angel Moon series corrupted Queen Serenity.
Enjoy two version of her on display.

I have not decided yet, but i might be revisiting design of April in next update, not very happy with her hair in particular. People been asking me to draw more of her, but i dont really feel like it since i dont really like how she looks. Will be looking into changing that, might even put it up to vote.


Greetings comrades.

Quick color sketch of Peach this week, a glimpse into his way of keeping body in tip top shape, toned and ready for action.

In other news im almost done with my move, posting this from cafe due to lack of internet connection at home. But i hope from next week things will get back to normal. Thank you for your Patience.

ATTENTION. Main site is down for a short wile, this update will be posted on it as soon as it back online, apologies for inconvenience.

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