Greetings Comrades.
If you follow my Tumblr or Twitter you might of known that i had computer problems past week. Computer is operational now and i will return to work as normal, unfortunately i did not had chance to draw, so todays update is some work in progress sketches and line-works. You welcome to practice coloring or painting over as long as you credit me.
Im currently working on animation and next update will be a preview of some artwork i created for it. If you missed Roxy and Charlie, this animation is for you.



Im glad to see that Peach mini series got such positive response. I gone a bit nutty with the shading, but i think end result is nice.
Real show starts with the next update!


Greetings Comrades. Hope you had allot of fun during holiday season, I sure did.
I want to start new year with quick series focusing on Peach, as a pole dancer. You guys get more of Peach and i get to draw some fun poses.
I dont plan to make it a long series, something like 3+ pictures. I have already started working on following images so updates will be regular every Monday, doing quick and simple series like this will allow me to work on more complex pictures to post later on without braking the update schedule.

Btw, both me and peach got a Twitter account so you can catch all the updates, and ask questions from Peach and generally see what little slut is up to.



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