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The girls shuffled into the dorm from the chapel in an orderly queue, chatting and giggling. Easter service had ended and they had about twenty minutes to tidy up before breakfast. Their voices caught as they saw Sister Yustina standing there, arms crossed, with a stern look on her lovely face. Her austere habit obscured everything else.

There were rumours about the statuesque nun. Some said she was ex-police, discharged for brutality. Others thought she might have been a Bratva enforcer that found God. The most fantastical theory was that she was a sexy KGB assassin in hiding from her former Soviet masters. Every student heard stories about the tough girl that messed with her — once. Now she was glaring at them.

“Come in, girls,” she said ominously. “I know that young ladies like yourselves have difficulty with abstinence. That is why you are here at St. Olga Prekrasna’s School. However, I cannot abide bringing the base symbols of a pagan ritual into this, the house of God!”

She thrust out her hand. In it were a few crumpled wrappers with a cute cartoon bunny hugging a pastel egg printed on them. Gasps went up from the gaggle of girls and they glanced guiltily at one another.

“Now I will not say where I found them, but by the expressions on your faces I can tell that all of you indulged in the sinful confections,” Sister Yustina clucked her tongue. “So I’m afraid the punishment must be severe.”

She strolled down the line and stroked one girl’s face. “Filippa,” she asked the tall redhead. “Where did you get these?”

“I don’t know, sister,” she said reluctantly, her blush obscuring her freckles. “I… Natasya shared it with me!”

“Filippa, you rat!” a busty brunette shouted. Sister Yustina turned to the girl.

“Quiet, Natasya,” the nun said. “I am trying to help you. Now tell me where you got this candy.”

The student fidgeted for a moment. “There’s this girl dressed up like a bunny,” she blurted. “We saw her skipping around town and she was handing out candy from a basket. She practically threw them at us. There was a bunch of us there! What were we supposed to do, tell her no?”

Sister Yustina’s eyes narrowed. “You were SUPPOSED to be sweeping the walk. Now where is this ‘bunny’?”

“I think she’s in town all Easter–”

“We shall see about that,” Sister Yustina said firmly. “Now follow me.” She shut the door behind her and strode purposefully out to the street, the girls following her as best they could. There weren’t many pedestrians this time of the morning.

Sister Yustina looked around. She heard a rhythmic clip-clop approaching. Then, from around the corner, a girl appeared, sauntering down the siedwalk, swinging a basket in one hand. She was singing a tune to the rhythm of her gait:

Zippy bunny, hippy hop!

Havin’ fun, don’t wanna stop!

Yummy candy full of cream!

Taste so good, you’ll wanna scream!

Sister Yustina sneered at the girl’s garish appearance. Her skin was chocolate-brown, with black tattoos crawling down her sides. Her makeup was sparkly and she had blonde hair streaked with bubblegum-pink. A pair of bunny ears on a hairband poked upwards from her head. She wore a fake fur coat, cheap plastic jewelry, white stockings and pink platform heels. Her breasts were reined in with a pink string micro-bikini top, wobbling and bouncing enticingly in the brief garment. The nun gasped as she saw the girl’s crotch. A thick cock and heavy balls lay nestled between her thighs, with only a pink thong holding it in.

“Oh hey,” the girl said in english. She looked over the group of girls. “Back for more, huh?”

“Now listen, heathen zaychik,” Yustina said sternly, switching to english. She marched up to the bunny, so close their breasts almost touched. “Your profane western idolatry has no place here! Take your lecherous body and decadent sweets away!”

“Oh come on, don’t you have time for any fun?” the bunny said in a sing-song pout. “Betcha you’d change your tune if you had a little chocolate in ya.” She winked suggestively at Yustina and rocked her hips.

The girls had never seen Sister Yustina move so fast. One moment, she was staring in shock at the bunny’s suggestion, the next, she had the girl in a hammerlock and was forcing her into the school. The bunny yelped in pain.

“Filippa, go to the kitchen and get the kulich cooling in the window,” Yustina grunted. “The rest of you, follow me.” She frog-marched the bunny down to the basement, past the laundry, into a room lined with shelves full of dusty jars. The students all followed out of curiosity and fear.

“Ouch!” the bunny cried out as Yustina forced her to the floor. “You crazy bitch!”

“You squeal like a pig, zaychik,” Yustina said contemptuously. “Since you refuse to do as I tell, you’re going to suffer a punishment.” She ripped the bunny’s coat off and threw it aside. Her eyes fell on the fluffy pink tail poking out between the girl’s buttocks.

“There is no depth that you won’t sink to, I see,” the nun sneered. She gripped the tail and twisted it, making the bunny groan in pain.

“You wanton brat!” She yanked the girl’s bikini top off, snapping the string. Her breasts flopped free, swaying and wobbling. “You dress like a whore, displaying your cow’s udders!” Yustina slapped the heavy teats, making them swing pendulously. She grabbed each fat nipple and squeezed it in her fist as if trying to milk it. Yustina kneaded and pulled on the fat teats, groping and fondling them in fascination at their soft texture. The bunny grimaced.

“S-so you like to play rough, huh?” the bunny said shakily. She wiggled her tongue at Yustina. The nun swatted her rear, making the fleshy globe wobble like gelatin. The bunny cried out with each strike. Yustina tore the thong away and the bunny’s balls and dick flopped out, dangling like an elephant’s trunk. The nun grabbed it and twisted it in her hands, pulling and pinching it like it was bread dough. The bunny groaned as Yustina squeezed it, sweat beading on her dusky skin. “Th-that doesn’t hurt…”

“Insolent zaychik devil,” Yustina snarled. She tugged and twisted the tail-plug with one hand and slapped the bunny’s balls with the other, making them bounce like fruit on a branch. The bunny whimpered and sobbed as the nun tortured her sensitive body. The students watched in horrified fascination as their teacher and mentor flogged the girl. Droplets of sweat flung off the bunny’s writhing body with each slap. Sister Yustina was unstoppable. In between slaps, she would grab the bunny’s scrotum and grope it like she was feeling for bruises on a plum. This would elicit moans of a different sort from the dark-skinned girl, and the nun would go back to swatting her.

Finally Sister Yustina relented and stood. The bunny lay facedown, panting, her ass jutting in the air. Her anus was swollen and red from the torment and her balls were swollen bigger than Yustina’s fists. Her thick dick throbbed, half-erect, quivering with every heartbeat. Her body glistened with sweat in the low light. Steam seemed to be wisping off her in the cool air. The nun glanced at her young charges. They could see a slight flush to the nun’s cheeks and her eyes seemed alight with fervor.

“Ah good, Filippa,” Yustina said. “Bring it here, girl.” The wide-eyed redhead stepped forward with the kulich. It was a tall cylinder of bread studded with dried fruit and nuts. Sister Yustina took the plate from her and set it on the floor. She then slipped off her simple shoes and black socks.

The girls watched raptly as their teacher untied her robes. She handed Filippa each garment, until she was naked save for her mantle and headdress. Her students gaped at her naked body in awe, understanding just how much her robes obscured. They didn’t realize just how busty she was until they saw her tits heaving with each breath, her nipples peeking shyly from beneath her mantle. Sweat gleamed on her as it did on the bunny. A tuft of downy golden fur crowned her womanhood.

“Uhm, Sister Yustina,” Filippa found her voice. “Why…?”

“Because we mustn’t let sin stain our holy vestments,” Yustina replied. “Now gather around, girls.” They shuffled into a rough circle around Sister Yustina and her victim as the nun knelt behind the dusky girl, the kulich between her knees.

“Up, wicked one,” the nun gripped the bunny’s balls and tugged. The girl moved to stand, but Yustina squeezed on the tortured scrotum. The bunny yelped and fell to all fours. “This is better, not standing like a human, but crawling like a beast, because that you are!”

Yustina grabbed the girl’s swinging dick and spat on it. A glob of precum drooped from the tip and the nun rubbed it into the helmet, swirling it around. She spat on the organ again and began to slide her fist up and down, sloppily milking the cock like a cow’s udder. Her other hand held the bunny’s balls, using them to control the girl’s reactions. Whenever the bunny relaxed or tried to inch away, Yustina squeezed or twisted the fleshy sac.

“Naughty, zaychik!” Yustina chided. “You’re very bad.” She jerked harder on the thick cock. It felt nice in her hand, but that didn’t distract her. She could feel that it had swelled to full size and it was impressive. As thick as her forearm and almost as long, with a soft, veiny texture to it. Sister Yustina licked her lips as she imagined other ways she could ‘punish’ this naughty girl…

The bunny moaned as Yustina jerked her. The nun smiled, pumping the girl’s cock in her fist. She could hear her students panting as they watched the obscene display. They knew it was wrong, but none of them could avert their eyes!

“You respond well,” Yustina said scornfully. “Like all beasts do!” She sped up her hand, pumping faster. She could feel the scrotum in her hand start to tense up.

“Ooooh, agh… I’m gonna–” the bunny grunted. Yustina felt the cock twitch in her fist and she aimed it down at the kulich. It spurted a thick, pulsing torrent of creamy white semen that splattered all over the top of the Easter bread, coating it, plopping all around the plate and running down the sides of the kulich in lazy globs. Sister Yustina continued to pump the bunny’s dick, coaxing out more of the musky cum as if she were squeezing it from a tube of icing, covering the bread in a thick layer. Seemingly satisfied, she aimed the dick away and jerked it again, this time pinching down the base of the bunny’s testicles.

Another shuddering moan escaped the girl’s lips and her cock spurted again, gushing out cum to splatter against the smooth stone floor. She whimpered, her legs shivering, as she was forced to orgasm like an animal performing a trick. Sister Yustina tugged on her member until all that came out was a trickle.

The nun got to her feet. She let out a breath and looked at the girls. Their faces were a mixture of horror, confusion, and what appeared to be barely-controlled arousal.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Yustina asked. She pointed at the cum-splattered floor and the ‘iced’ kulich. “Dig in.”

Her expression brooked no argument. One by one, the girls knelt down and began to lick and bite chunks off the creamy Easter dessert. Yustina could hear them quietly grunting in approval at the taste.

“That’s it, eat every bite,” the nun said. She pulled the bunny to her feet. “This is your punishment, girls, you are going to know what sin TRULY tastes like. The floor too. I want it licked clean.” She watched as some of the girls began to tongue the puddle of cum, grimacing at the gritty texture.

“Are… can I go now?” The bunny asked weakly, her eyes glazed.

“Not until Pentecost, my decadent zaychik whore.”

“When’s that?” the girl asked, dreading the answer. Sister Yustina drew a finger across her cockhead, eliciting a shudder from the chocolate-skinned blonde. The nun licked the glob of cum from her finger, savoring the taste.

“Seven weeks,” Yustina purred.

The bunny moaned.

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