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Courtney whimpered breathlessly as his asshole was brutally pounded by the two equine cocks. He was trapped, pinned between two wanton, mature beauties like the meat in a sandwich. All he could do was hold on to his mother’s sweaty body for dear life as their cocks rammed and jostled inside him, forcing deeper as they spat juicy precum. He buried his face between her dusky tits, tears streaming down his face. Sensations of pain and pleasure swam together, fighting for dominance as the two horse-women ravaged his sensitive hole, and he cried out when either feeling proved too overwhelming.

His head swam, lost in a sea of musky pheremones and endorphins. This was an exquisite, nightmarish wet dream come to life! He wasn’t sure how many orgasms he’d had, but it felt like thousands. His cock twitched, trickling cum in an endless thin stream that pooled on his mother’s belly. Hard, hot horseflesh sawed against his prostate, milking the overtaxed organ and sending shocks of ecstasy to his brain.

In a moment of lucidity, he realized they’d torn his pantyhose completely off, shredding the nylon in their lust to plunder his asshole again.

‘That’s gonna come out of my salary,’ Courtney thought with a moan, before another rush of agony shuddered through him.

“Oooh, you’re so fuckin’ tight!” Katherine panted as she plowed Courtney. “My daughters can’t even fit my own cock in their asses, let alone two!” She shoved her erection a few inches deeper, grinding against Jaime’s equally-huge cock.

“I didn’t think the little slut could take this much cock either,” Jaime grunted. “All it takes is practice, huh, Courtney?” She pulled him into a sloppy kiss, jamming her thick tongue past his lips, plundering his mouth as surely as she did his asshole. Courtney moaned around his mother’s tongue, sucking it almost instinctively. Drool ran down both their chins as they kissed.

Jaime broke the kiss and wiped her mouth, panting. “You suck almost as good as you fuck, boy,” she grinned.

“We… haven’t tried his mouth yet, y’know,” Katherine panted overhead. “His lips look like they’d feel nice wrapped around a cock!” She swatted Courtney’s flank, making him yelp.

“You’re right,” Jaime grunted. “We need to fill up that sweet little mouth of his.” She hissed, distracted as her glans rubbed against Katherine’s deep inside Courtney’s hole. She shuddered at the sensation, and she knew Katherine could feel it too.

Courtney moaned as the two women discussed him like he was a toy to be used and discarded. His soft, plump nipples scraped against Jaime’s tits even as Katherine’s heavy tits dragged on his back. Even that was enough to make him cry out in pleasure, his cock dribbling cum. He was so hot, pressed between the two women, he wondered if he would pass out. If he wasn’t held so tightly between their bodies, he’d squirt out like a soap bar from a wet fist. The mental image made him giggle.

“Do… do you think we can sync our orgasms better than last time, Jaime?” Katherine asked, her eyes aglow with lust.

“Yeah,” Jaime nodded. “Concentrate on our cocks… and how good they feel inside together…” Both women groaned, closing their eyes as they focused on the sensation of thrusting together inside Courtney’s sweet, slippery asshole. The pounding and the heat was delicious… and they could both feel their members tensing up, straining for release…

They let out a choked gasp in unison, their balls tightening as hot, sweet cum rushed up their shafts, expanding inside Courtney. They groaned, their bodies shuddering, as their cocks exploded in orgasm.

Courtney’s fingers dug into his mother’s tits as she and Katherine filled his ass. His eyes rolled back, feeling the intense heat of their cocks compounded with the slick wet heat of their cum. For a moment, he was afraid their cum was going to boil him alive from the inside! His stomach bloated and he could almost taste the semen filling his body.

It geysered out of his asshole in thick gooey jets, spraying out the crevices between the two women’s equine members’ and Courtney’s abused flesh. His own cock twitched again in a sympathetic orgasm, cum seeping out, although his mind was still focused on the sensation of being filled like a pastry with the equine cream. His head fell limply against the pillows of Jaime’s breasts.

Both women groaned as their orgasms tapered off, the torrent of sperm abating to a thick, pulsing trickle. Jaime wiped her brow and Katherine adjusted her glasses.

There was a sound from the door of someone clearing their throat, and both women craned their necks to see who it was.

“Oh,” Jaime smiled. “I was wondering when you’d get here…”

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