Hello Comrades.

Sam x Sponty picture that i teased some time ago is done and ready to be enjoyed.

Past week was very sad for me, on July 8th a close family friend and fellow artist Axel Boreski was murdered by some psycho as he was returning home after party. We are trying to raise money for his family and so we can lay him to rest. Axel was honestly one of the kindest people I have ever known and I’m so devastated that we can’t ever see him again.
We have already raised more then half of the amount needed which is awesome. If you could please continue to share this post or donate both are equally appreciated.
You can donate at the link below:


Thank you.


Hey Comrades.

“Quick” Elodie pinup to celebrate glorious USA holliday. Photoshop crashed on me so i had to re do whole of background, and that was annoying. But in the end im supper happy how color and lights came out, i had an idea and it worked as planed.

Im almost done with Sponty and Sam picture, so next update will be on time.


Hey Comarades.

Girlfrend had operation done on her knee in past week and i been taking care of her, because of that i was unable to work as much, so i apologize for late update. Im posting 3 new sketches for upcoming works, i hope you enjoy them.

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