Hey Comrades.

As you might know, i went to New Zealand recently to play in two day milsim airsoft event, i have enjoyed it allot. Now there is effort to legalise airsoft in Australia that i fully support.
Todays update Fetures Elodie enjoying sport of airsoft and the perks that come with it in Dmitrysverse. Hope you enjoy what you see. And i would greatly appreciate if you sign and share pettiton to ligalise airsoft in Australia.

<a href=”https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Petitions/House_of_Representatives_Petitions/Petitions_General/Petitions_List?id=EN0367″>https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Petitions/House_of_Representatives_Petitions/Petitions_General/Petitions_List?id=EN0367</a>


Happy Halloween Comrades!

What started as a pinup, grew into little comic page featuring Peach, trick or treating.
Hope you enjoy todays update, and have a safe and fun holiday.


Greetings Comrades.

As i mentioned in previous post, people been asking for more April, especially a character profile card for her. Before doing more art of her, i want to update her design since i was never very happy with her hairstyle. Help me choose her fresh new look, by voting on your favorite hairstyles on display in todays update.

Next week, will most likely be a halloween picture.

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