Hey Comrades.

This Valentines day picture was meant to be posted last friday. But i got nasty case of flu and was out of commission for 6 days.

Todays update comes as collaboration between me and Ada who provided sexy story for it. I hope you enjoy this look into Courtney and Sam’s relationship.


Hello Comrades.

After Finishing AngelMoon series I want to work on some personal projects. One of them been sitting my my head for long time. To do a visual novel. Idea i have is simple story of Peach as street walking hooker and we as a player take role of his futa client. All of this is in very early stages and i have allot of planning and writing to do. For now im working out concepts for main characters. So here is peach in all his glory. I kept design fairly simple with aim of it being easy to reproduce so i can do plenty of fun art of him and don’t get bogged down in details.


Greetings Comrades.
For today update i have compiled all Angelmoon bad girls, into little character cards and Solario have provided text.

Hope you enjoy them.

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