Greeting comrades.

Im juggling few projects at the moment and wanted to show you some works in progess in form of few sketches plus a very quick and rough picture of Elodie doing what she does best.


Greetings Comrades.

First of all i have to apologize for lack of updates, if you folow me on social media you would know why it happened.
If not, in short, i had series of misadventures with my PC braking down, catching cold having relationship trouble.

All is better now and im back in the saddle. I want to return to doing visual novel project featuring Elodie, i redesigned her hair style slightly making her hair longer, i feel that
it will make her feel more feminine and will push me to learn to draw longer hair.
With new hair design settled i want to ask you to help me choose on hair color for her. After clicking banner and looking at your options please take time and vote on your favorite choice.

With visual novel project i would want to have more of your involvement, ill be running regular polls asking you guys on what options to take, so look forward to that.

Next week we will have start of new short horse-girl series featuring hooker bunny girl Sponty getting hard fucked buy horse-girls from Creamy Ranch Crew.


BAM! Its done Comrades! Final part of Family Christmas story is uploaded in today’s update. I hope you enjoyed the story.

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