Greetings Comrades, Today im posting pinup of Svetlana that i will be using for cover and promotion.
App itself will be released next week.

In run up to Christmas i want to expand Christmas story from last year featuring Peach, Meryl and April. So expect updates featuring them.


Greetings Comrades.

Thank you for voting in the last poll and helping Peach choose his purchase.
Today we see the result, and Peach is wasting no time sharing sexy Selfie photos with his mum Meryl.
There is only one problem, peach cant quiet afford his new toys and asking mum for help.
VOTE in the new poll to determine Meryl’s reply and guide how story will progress further.

In other news i have huge Black Friday SALES in my stores.
check them out here:




“Roxy is flunking school and rumor has it, Roxy’s sexual escapades with the Head Mistress’s niece are the cause.
Roxy now has an appointment with Head Mistress Charlie, for some seriously over due punishment. “

My first Animation project is finished.
It was a collaboration between me and fan by name Jimmy. I did art and Jimmy would animate and edit it. It was long and hard process.
I hope you enjoy end result. Dont be afraid to watch in full screen, resolution is actually pretty high, despite inical window size.
I have also attached original storyboard, as you can see it was quiet ambitions, in the end we settled for something more manageable.

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