Mistress Enma (Short for Enema), the most unique among the Mistresses.  Her body is made of a mimetic protein gel that shifts color, viscosity, and form according to her will.  Her favorite thing is to push her mass all the way through her victims to break their wills.  She and Mistress Anaru are close comrades.


Greetings Comrades.

We have seen Peach doing weights at the gym, now we take a look at how he does cardio exercises.

More Angel Moon Villainesses next week with new Sponty and horsegirl picture following that.


Mistress Anaru, the personification of all things Anal Sex.  Her asshole is like a pocket dimension, she can keep just about anything there, even a person if she wanted.  She and Mistress Enma often work together, with Enma hiding inside Anaru’s ass in order to surprise the victim.  Her cock can change thickness and length according to her will, but she mostly changes the thickness.

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