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XXX strolled around the club, her heels clacking on the polished floor. She tugged at her top with a gloved finger, adjusting the tight black material that cupped her prodigious breasts. The satiny dress fit her body like a sheath, clinging to every curve and terminating just below her rear, giving anyone a tantalizing glimpse between her legs whenever she moved. Opening night was exactly as she expected: a full house. Many couples, individuals and a slightly-drunken bridal party were in attendance, enjoying one another’s company, dancing to the throbbing music, and having a good time. The busty blonde approached one such pair in one of the booths.

Rei Hino, Mistress Mars, was sitting with her lovely little toy, Alistin, beside her. The raven-haired beauty had a hand on Alistin’s leg and they both sipped drinks as they took in the view.

“Hello, darlings,” XXX said as she slid gracefully into the booth, her leather bodysuit creaking as she sat down. “Enjoying yourselves?”

“Very much, Mistress,” Rei said deferentially.

“This place is amazing,” Alistin exclaimed. “So different from when Mistress and I came here, I don’t know how you do it, Mistress XXX.”

“Is that a doubt I hear?” XXX said, her face turning serious for a moment. Alistin’s face froze. XXX laughed, and Alistin settled with relief.

“Don’t worry, little one,” the blonde said, tapping Alistin’s nose with a fingertip. “Doubts are an asset sometimes. But you’re right. I don’t think you’ve seen the true measure of my power.”

She got up and sauntered away. Her hips swayed to the music as she slid through the crowd. XXX could hear the quiet gasps and moans all around her as she danced past the others. She knew her very presence was arousing them as she amplified the corona of lust radiating from herself.

She leapt up on to the raised runway with a grace that belied her voluptuous shape. There, she continued to writhe seductively, taking hold of the brass pole before her and twisting around it like a sensuous python. Pitchers and ashtrays littered the edge, but she didn’t mind. Indulgence was what they came here for.

Standing in the DJ booth, Mistress Enma watched her mother climbed up onto the stage and smiled knowingly. Moving over to the control panel, the dark haired woman tapped a few buttons, causing the music to shift from basic pulsing techno to a more danceable beat.

From up on the stage, Mistress XXX smiled demurely and touched the bill of her cap in thanks. She began shaking her hips in time to the new music and looked around, spotting her other lieutenants in the club. Zuri sat by the bar dressed in a flowing white gown that contrasted nicely with her chocolatey skin and showed off her lovely hypnotic tits. She sipped a dark-coloured drink as she watcherd the show begin.

In one of the booths off to the side, the Shibari sisters cuddled in an unsisterly manner. Addle-witted Shibaru squirmed in her older twin’s lap, her lips parted. From their position, it was obvious to XXX that Shibari had her cock neatly buried in her twin sister’s cunt. The blonde Mistress smiled at that, ‘never wasting time, those two,’ she loved them for that.

As the tempo of the music picked up, so did XXX’s movements. She only released a minimal amount of her power, but she noticed she only had the attention of the few club-goers she’d passed on her trek to the stage. Sensing she’d have to be a little more flashy, the blonde gripped the edge of her top and tore it open, exposing her massive tits to the cool club air. The material sheared almost like it was designed for it and she tossed it aside. More people seemed to take notice of the busty blonde now.

She twirled around the pole and gyrated against it, letting the cool metal slide into the crack of her ass and grinding up and down. Her thumbs hooked into the waistband of her thong and she swung her hips, staring into the eyes of the crowd. Her gaze was spellbinding, as if it heightened her lustful aura. Those on the dance floor ground into each other more urgently, goaded on by her presence. Those that weren’t began to hold each other close, their bodies responding to an urge they couldn’t name.

XXX peeled the black panties down her legs and twirled them on her finger before letting them fly into the writhing crowd. Her gloved hands crawled over her tits, squeezing them together, then moved down her toned belly to cup her crotch. Her nipples responded to the stimulation and began to leak trickles of milk between her fingers. She continued to sway and gyrate, grinding her hips against the air. Her lips parted as she focused her power into a shape and a bulge pushed against her hands.

It slid forth, like a snake emerging from a burrow: A thick, vein-latticed cock! A pair of egg-sized testicles descended beneath it as if in afterthought. Its effect on the crowd was like a magnet on metal filings. Fingers closed around crotches, stroking the growing bulges beneath, others pushes aside panties and slid into increasingly damp pussies.

Then, almost like a choreographed scene in a porno movie, every patron inside the club tore at one another’s clothes, shirts, dresses and panties; all were shedded and tossed aside like so much trash. Tongues descended on nipples, necks and mouths. The blonde smiled as the moans of the crowd began to overcome the sensuous music. Bodies pressed against one another, moving less with the artificial beat and more to her personal rhythm.

She gripped the pole and slid downwards, her cock leaving a glistening trail of precum on the burnished metal. A moan escaped her lips as she gripped the thick organ and ran it around the smooth ring near the base of the pole. XXX stroked herself as she watched the men and women fall upon each other like beasts in rutting season. She pumped her hand up and down her shaft and savored the sight of a girl taking a man’s cock up her ass for the first time while right next to her another young woman entertained three men at once, her every hole plugged with a thick dick.

In their booth, Rei had changed into her Mistress form and was plowing Alistin’s pussy. The petite girl’s hips bucked as she bounced in her lover’s lap, crying out as the raven-haired woman’s dick buried itself inside her.

XXX pumped her hips, slowly sawing her cock back and forth through the smooth metal ring. She smiled, knowing that she was building to a crescendo. Her lips parted and she let out a moan as she felt the inevitable orgasm cascade over her. Her balls twitched and she thrust her cock to the hilt into the metal ring. The sensitive organ bounced and spurt out a twirling rope of pearly-white cum. Again and again her cock throbbed, unleashing another thick stream of semen into the air. The effect on the crowd was like a tsunami. Orgasms radiated outward from her. Those near the epicenter came close to madness at the intensity of their lustful frenzy.

She brought one breast up to her mouth and ran her tongue over the soft flesh as milk spurted from her thick nipples in time with her orgasm. Cum plopped on the stage and XXX smiled as she drank in the lustful energy filling the room. She knew those that had shared this experience would now serve her every whim, always craving more of her presense and the ecstasy that came with it.

XXX gasped as her dick spurted one final time, promising many delights in the days to come.

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