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Nurse Adele reached under the milking station and gently tugged the wire free of the motor. She dusted off her hands, making her massive breasts wobble gently in the tight white uniform stretched over them.

Without the motor running, the milking stations were simply soft plastic tubes, with none of the delicious vibration or squeezing action that the dickgirl students had come to enjoy. That meant that they would have to be stimulated manually, a task the busty nurse had come to relish.

Watching the girls hump away at the machines had its appeal, no doubt about it. Most of the girls didn’t care who was watching as they energetically pounded into the sturdy machines. However, there was nothing so appealing to Adele as feeling an eager young cock bucking and spurting in her hands.

She heard the door open and quickly straightened, adjusting her glasses, trying to appear casual.

“Hello? Nurse?”

Adele saw it was Pauline, one of her favorites, a cute pigtailed pixie with luxurious red hair and a hair-trigger libido. She hid her excitement behind a mask of motherly concern as the girl shuffled into the milking room, tugging her skirt down over a throbbing lump between her legs. Her cheeks were red with embarassment.

“Dios Mio, girl, what happened?” Adele asked, approaching the student.

“Mrs. Cho dropped her chalk,” Pauline explained breathlessly. “When she bent down, I-I could see her garters…” Adele caught Pauline’s eyes roving her body. It wasn’t hard to see why. Adele wore a uniform that clung to her every curve, leaving an impressive amount of cleavage on display. She hardly wore a bra, so her nipples made fat little tents in the fabric. And her skirt rode high on her broad hips, exposing the ribbons holding up her stockings. Pauline groaned in a mixture of agony and pleasure as her eyes moved from Adele’s legs to her cleavage.

“Oh dear, were you rubbing yourself in class?” Adele asked. “Is that why you were sent down here?” Pauline shook her head.

“What was it? You can tell me,” Adele pressed. She lowered her voice. “Were you dry-humping your desk mate again?”

“Y-yeah,” Pauline mumbled. Adele bit her lip to keep from squealing in glee. Instead, she squeezed Pauline’s hand and patted her on the bottom as she guided her to a milking station.

“Let’s get you fixed up right away, honey,” Adele purred, bringing over a tray with a tube of lubricant and a box of latex gloves.

“The machines are acting up today,” she said, snapping on a pair of the gloves. “Would you like me to take care of it for you?” The girl nodded, clearly desperate for some release. She tugged down a pair of precum-stained white bikini briefs and kicked them off her legs. Adele made a note to ‘lose’ those panties later. Pauline’s dick sprung up, going fully erect now that it was free.

“Just relax,” Adele soothed. She squirted a dollop of the clear jelly into her palm and closed her fingers around the throbbing shaft. Pauline’s expression of discomfort eased, slackening with lust, as Adele gently stroked the girl’s cock. The redhead leaned back, bumping into the inert milking machine, a moan of arousal slipping from her lips as the lube warmed up with each stroke.

“That’s my girl,” the nurse encouraged, rolling her palm over the engorged helmet of Pauline’s cockhead. “Here, you don’t want to slip.” She pulled the girl closer until her breasts rested on Pauline’s shoulder.

Adele pumped her fist faster, delighted at the sight of Pauline’s lube-slicked erection. The girl moaned as Adele varied her tempo, pausing to tickle beneath the collar of her cockhead or finger her piss-slit. Her hips shivered and flexed, shoving into Adele’s grip. The nurse whispered encouragement: “That’s it… hump my hand, chiquita, like it’s Mrs. Cho’s bottom… good girl…”

Pauline responded with typical hormonal gusto, bucking back and forth. Adele stayed with her, squeezing and tugging on the thick organ with consummate skill. Pauline practically buried her face in Adele’s tits, her eyes half-closed as she lost herself in the erotic sensations.

“Nurse, it’s– I’m gonna nnnnnnNNNK!” the girl squealed, stiffening her body at the apex of her thrust. Adele continued to rub at Pauline’s cock even as she felt it begin to jerk on its own. Thick ropes of cum geysered out in pulses, twirling in the air and splattering on the floor in milky puddles. Pauline whimpered in orgasmic joy as she came, delighting the nurse. More gouts of semen rushed out, arcing gracefully before landing wetly on the tile. Adele could swear that Pauline came for nearly a minute before the flow finally ebbed to a trickle.

Pauline fell limp in Adele’s arms. The nurse held her for a moment, stroking her hair, gently tugging the last drops of cum out of the girl’s spent cock. She helped Pauline to stand on her wobbly legs.

“There now, don’t you feel better?” Adele asked.

“Yes, Miss,” the girl answered dreamily. Adele smiled. Pauline didn’t realize just how soaked she’d made the nurse’s pussy. Adele took her hand and guided her to the door.

“If you ever feel that aroused again, you come see me, okay?” Adele said. “Don’t wait until the teacher has to send you.”

“Yes, Miss,” Pauline nodded. Adele patted her bare bottom as the girl stepped out into the hall, her cock swinging just out of sight beneath her skirt’s hem.

“That’s my girl,” Adele grinned. She stepped back into the office and picked up her phone, tapping an extension in.

“Hello, Principal Swallow? It’s Nurse Carrera. Have you got any students on notice? Well, there’s a mess here that could use some cleaning… Oh good, send them on over. Gracias.” She hung up, eagerly anticipating making delinquent dickgirls slurp up the gooey splatter on the floor.

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