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Jaime strode into the suite, her face flushed and her half-hard dick swinging from her crotch. It stood out, thick, veiny and pink, glistening with slippery-looking moisture. The blonde she-stud blinked at the sight of Courtney impaled on Katherine’s erection, moaning as the other woman stiffly pumped her hips against his butt.

“Looks like you two are getting along nicely,” she said with a grin, reaching behind herself and undoing her top.

“Mom!” Courtney gasped. “I-I-”

“Oh zip it,” Jaime dismissed, tossing the garment aside and rubbing her nipples to full stiffness. “This isn’t the first time I’ve caught you with something up your ass. How is he, Katherine?”

“Wiggly,” Katherine grunted. She licked Courtney’s ear, making the boy moan and writhe. “Feels like his asshole is sucking me in.”

Jaime giggled and shucked off her pants and shoes. “He’s a yummy li’l fuck isn’t he?” she asked, crawling on the bed with them.

“Yeah, but he wouldn’t sit still, so I had to get a little rough,” Katherine nodded at the boy’s bound hands.

“Oh Courtney, I promised your Aunty Katherine you were gonna be a good boy!” Jaime said in mock exasperation, tweaking her son’s nipples as if trying to milk them. He moaned as her fingers squeezed the fat mounds. “Mmmm, don’t these look tasty. We get enough cum in you and we’ll be fitting you for a training bra! Now then, I invited some ladies over to play. They’ll stop by in a little bit, but I wanna have some fun before they get here.”

She began to unwind Courtney’s bound hands. “And that means you’re gonna be a good boy and do everything your mommy tells you, right?”

“Yes, mommy,” Courtney said dutifully.

“‘course you will. You’re a cockhungry boyslut,” Jaime said, leaning down to suck on Courtney’s puffy nipples. “Now go get a condom out of my bag.”

“O-okay,” Courtney nodded. He tried to rise on wobbly legs, pulling himself off of Katherine’s cock. Both he and Katherine groaned as he popped free of her flared cockhead, but he managed to crawl off the bed and rummage through his mother’s luggage.

“You’re gonna like this,” Jaime reassured Katherine, playing with the other woman’s equine member, swirling her fingers around the collar of Katherine’s cockhead. Katherine groaned as Jaime’s strong fingers played with the sensitive organ. Jaime repositioned herself, intertwining her legs with Katherine’s. Their balls bumped against one another and both women gasped as the sweaty sacs rolled and slid together.

“Oooh,” Katherine sighed as Jaime stroked her. They started to grind their crotches togther, hips twitching. Her nostrils flared. “Smells like you were having fun…”

“Mmmm,” Jaime nodded. “There were some ladies running a train on one poor little attendant… They saw me and invited me to join in. How could I resist? His ass was like a warm, slippery glove. I only gave it a stroke or two before I had to pull out… But I invited them here for when they were finished with him.”

Jaime pressed the shafts of their cocks together. The heat radiating from the two cocks was so intense that she almost let go, but she persevered, stroking them together, letting their slick coatings mingle.

“Got it,” Courtney proclaimed, returning with a large silvery packet.

“Good,” Jaime said breathlessly. She grabbed Katherine’s cock and her own in one fist. “Wrap ‘em!”

Courtney bit his lip and tore open the condom. He unrolled the latex sheath over the double cock, stretching it tightly around the turgid flesh. Both women groaned as their members compressed together under the stretchy latex. Courtney panted, sweat trickling down his brow. Their cocks were so hot that the condom was practically fogging up!

At last he tugged it down as far as it would go. “Good boy,” Jaime gasped. “Now c’mere. Time for your reward.” Courtney climbed up between the two ladies. He nearly sat back on their dicks, but jerked away from the hot, throbbing tower of flesh.

Jaime reached up and unsnapped a few of the elastics off her son’s dick. “We don’t need all of these… but we might need some of this!” Her hand crawled between Courtney’s legs and found his sensitive, puckered asshole dribbling lube. She teased the soft hole, making her fingers slippery while Courtney moaned, his legs quivering. Jaime wrapped her slimy hand around her son’s cock and stroked it a bit until it was nice and slick.

She pulled him close, guiding his dick between the pillowy warmth of her tits. Courtney groaned as Jaime pressed her boobs together around his erection. He began jerking his hips amateurishly and grunting with the effort.

“That’s my boy,” Jaime goaded. “Fuck your mommy’s titties!”

He eagerly obliged her, pumping against the crease between her breasts. Lube and precum ran down the planes of Jaime’s stomach. Courtney took hold of Jaime’s tits, pawing and squeezing them while she leaned back and enjoyed the sensation.

“Oooh, oh mommy,” Courtney sighed, looking down at Jaime’s pleased expression. Jaime smiled up at him and pulled his head down to hers. She drove her tongue into Courtney’s mouth, kissing her son hungrily and messily.

Courtney moaned into Jaime’s mouth. He could feel the throbbing heat of Katherine and his mother’s erection bumping against his legs as she frenched him.

Katherine licked her lips as she watched his tush swing above her and Jaime’s dicks. She grabbed his rear, forcing it open so she could see the abused pucker of his asshole. Her eyes glimmered with lust. She could feel Jaime’s heartbeat through her cock, they were pressed so tightly together. Her mouth curled up into a smile as she ran her hand up and down Courtney’s ass-crack. She worked a thumb into his hole, making Courtney jump.

“Hmm?” Jaime felt Courtney gasp into her mouth and she broke the kiss. “Mmmmm, I think it’s time. Hope you’re ready, boy.”

“M-me too,” Courtney gulped. Jaime gently pushed her son back, forcing him down– He felt his asshole bump against the double cock and flinched. Katherine took hold of their twin erections while Jaime pushed Courtney onto them. He grimaced in pain as the double monster forced its way into his poor, abused hole.

He squealed as his legs gave out and he slid a few inches down. Both ladies groaned as they felt his body flex and squeeze around their members. Neither of them had ever experienced anything like this before. They both panted, sweat beading on their skin as Courtney slowly shifted downwards. He tried lifting himself up, but he couldn’t get any purchase on the silky sheets, especially with pantyhose on. That didn’t stop him from trying though: He managed to get up a few inches before collapsing again. He tried again, but his legs gave out. His tongue lolled from his mouth as he wiggled up and down on the thick double shaft.

“O-oh god,” Katherine grunted, feeling her balls tighten up. Her cock started to twitch and spasm and she gripped the sheets, her toes curling. She felt the familiar rush of cum spurting up her erection, and it geysered into the tight, rubbery sheath.

“Ffffffuck!” Jaime exclaimed, arching her back as Katherine’s cock throbbed against hers. She felt thick, gooey liquid flooding the shared condom and gasped at the delicious new sensation. Her cock began to jerk too, pumping out a hot, creamy load of equine cum.

Courtney’s eyes rolled back and his mouth gaped as he felt the two cocks begin to pulsate inside him. The condom expanded, filling with the creamy double load. He groaned as his belly protruded from the liquid mass.

“So full,” he whimpered. Jaime reached out and lifted him up, grunting with the exertion. Katherine lended a hand, pushing his butt up off her and Jaime’s still-spasming cocks. He let out a moan as he felt the full condom drag out of his asshole. It plopped wetly against the two womens’ flagging erections like a water balloon. Jaime caught Courtney as he fell limply to the bed.

“Oooh, I think we broke him,” Katherine giggled as she peeled the full condom off and tied it shut, the liquid inside sloshing around.

“Give him a couple minutes,” Jaime cooed, patting his head. She smiled at Katherine. “He’s gotta be ready for round two.”

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