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Courtney wriggled weakly as the three ladies felt up his body. They giggled and cooed at him like he was a puppy. Sam and Svetlana stood side-by-side behind him, their strong fingers slithering under his arms to gently play with his nipples. Dominique loomed in front, filling his vision with the pillowy globes of her breasts still sheathed in her dress. The sweet perfume of her cleavage clashed with the animal musk of her equine member, making him dizzy.

He could feel all three horse-cocks against his body, the throbbing, meaty organs pulsing with lust. What’s more, their breasts pressed together, boxing him in and banishing all hope of escape. Some part of him didn’t want to leave, anyway… His anxiety had transformed into a strange sort of giddy delight at the attention these women were lavishing on him.

“Such a beautiful boy he is,” Svetlana purred to Dominique as she stroked his cheek. “Such flawless skin. Do you think I might one day borrow him to model with me?”

“That’s not really up to me,” Dominique replied, fluffing her nephew’s hair. “But I’m sure he’d love that, wouldn’t you, Courtney?”

“Uh, sure, maybe,” Courtney gasped as he felt Sam’s powerful hand clap him on his butt.

“Damn nice ass you got, buckaroo,” Sam drawled, jiggling the cheek in her grip. “Mmmmm, not too big, not too small…” She knelt down and picked up the tail plug from the floor.

“Ya dropped somethin’, sweetcheeks,” she chuckled, and waggled it before him. “Why don’tcha get to serving these beauty queens while I help ya out with this?”

Courtney nodded, biting his lip as Sam got behind him, her tail twitching. He took his aunt’s cock in hand, slowly rubbing its thick veiny surface. Dominique hummed as he stroked her hot meat, his sweaty palms lubing its stiff length. Precum began to dribble from her piss-slit, and Courtney massaged the blunt tip of her member, making her hiss and shudder.

“This looks pleasing,” Svetlana said, stepping round Courtney. “May I join you?” She slipped her hands into Dominique’s dress and palmed the blonde horse-girl’s nipples until they were stiff. Dominique moaned as the brunette deftly slipped each breast from her dress and leaned down to suck on the taut pink teats, her teeth clinking against Dominique’s piercing as she tugged on the hard little buds.

She straightened, took Dominique’s face in hands, and pulled her into a deep kiss. Courtney watched, wide-eyed, his mouth dry, as his aunt and the strangely-accented beauty suck on each others’ tongues and lips, their mouths grappling wetly with one another. The cock in his hands jumped a little. His own was just as hard and it too, was dripping with precum.

“Hot fuck,” he heard Sam exclaim beside him. She had her own erection in hand and was stroking it as she watched the two make out. Svetlana finally broke the kiss and licked a glob of saliva from Dominique’s lips.

“You got two hands, Courtney,” his aunt said breathlessly, her eyes hooded. “Give Svetlana some sugar.” Courtney could only nod as he gripped Svetlana’s thick equine erection and began to slide his hand up and down. Both women looked down at him with lust as he stroked them. He sucked in a breath as he felt Sam pry his butt-cheeks apart. She whistled.

“Oooh lordy, they sure did a number on ya,” the redhead giggled. She smiled as she regarded his asshole. It looked swollen and soft, bulging out like a little pink doughnut. Sam spat a wad of saliva on the little pucker and dragged her tongue against it. She felt Courtney seize up in surprise at the sensation and she chuckled. “Mmmm, tastes like cum, all right.”

She gave his asshole a few generous strokes until it was slick and clean, and Courtney shivered with every pass of her tongue. He continued to jerk the two cocks in his hands, but his motions were erratic thanks to Sam’s attention to his rear. She reached up and fondled his balls, palming them with a surprisingly gentle touch.

“If ya liked that, you’re gonna love this,” Sam whispered. She drove her tongue into Courtney’s asshole and he nearly leapt out of his skin! He moaned, his legs wobbling as Sam tongue-fucked his rear. Her tongue couldn’t have been more than a few inches deep, but to him it felt like an eel was tring to wiggle its way into him!

Sam was enjoying herself. It wasn’t every day that she got to plumb the depths of a femboy’s asshole, and she worked it with gusto. His anal passage was slippery and yielding. Katherine and Jaime’s enthusiastic cock-battering had made his poor asshole soft as a marshmallow. Sam gave his butt an affectionate squeeze before slipping her tongue free and bringing up the cow-tail. She eased it into his spit-slicked asshole, twisting it like a corkscrew, watching as each knob on its surface popped inside.

She gave the base of the plug a quarter-turn and it came to life! It vibrated with a low hum, but even that felt excruciatingly wonderful to the boy. His cock was so painfully hard that he was afraid it’d burst. Pleasure burned from his asshole to his brain and back, and every nerve ending of his body felt alight, as if he was experiencing an orgasm stretched to infinity.

Courtney moaned and fluttered his eyes as he felt the toy drilling into him. Dominique snapped her fingers in his face, bringing him up short.

“Courtney!” she said sharply. “The world doesn’t consist of the contents of your cornhole. Now get on the bed.”

“O-okay, Aunt Dominique,” Courtney gasped, trying to stay upright. He felt Sam’s strong hands wrap around him and the redheaded horsegirl pulled him onto the bed with her, her breasts cushioning his face. He moaned as he breathed in the earthy musk of her warm, freckled skin, and he heard her giggle.

“Whoa there, darlin’, plenty of time fer that later,” Sam said. “Ya got cocks that need wranglin’.” She pointed and he turned his head. Svetlana and Dominique’s cocks loomed before his face like a pair of pythons.

“I think it’s time you gave us an oral exam, Courtney,” Dominique said, wriggling her hips and making her cock sway.

“Yes, put that lovely mouth to work, cow-boy!” Svetlana agreed. Courtney licked his lips. Their cocks filled his vision, their animalistic appearance and scent exciting the most primal parts of his brain. His mouth closed around Dominique’s first and he began to work his lips and tongue around the blunted head, lubing it with his saliva. He reached over to stroke Svetlana’s, keeping it stiff.

“What a treasure this boy is,” Svetlana murmured as Courtney’s fingers tickled the collar of her glans.

“Can’t argue with ya there,” Sam said, running her hands over Courtney’s torso. Her fingers closed around his nipples, gently thumbing them. “Hmmmm, I spy with my li’l eye something I’ve been neglectin’ this whole time!”

The redhead reached down and took Courtney’s erection in hand. Courtney moaned around his mouthful of his aunt’s cock as Sam began to stroke his. The plug continued to buzz in his butt, adding to the ecstatic sensations.

“Time to give… oooh,” Dominique groaned, reluctanly pulling free of her nephew’s lusscious lips. “Time to give Svetlana a turn, Courtney.” She edged over and the brunette took her place. Dominique let her cock flop against Courtney’s forehead like an oversized sausage.

“Yes, suck my cock, boy,” Svetlana commanded. “Show me how much you love it!”

Courtney obeyed her, slurping the woman’s equine appendage into his mouth and lavishing it with the same enthusiasm as he did his aunt’s. Part of his lust-clouded brain noticed the subtle difference in taste Svetlana’s cock had.

“Oooh, he is an amateur, but very eager,” Svetlana groaned, fondling her tits.

“Isn’t he though?” Dominique snaked her hand beneath Svetlana’s tail to grip her butt and steady her. Svetlana held Dominique close, letting their tits bump against each other. Courtney stared up at the two, his eyes hazy with lust. His hand found Svetlana’s scrotum and he began gently massaging her apple-sized balls, idly wondering just how much sperm she spurted. He didn’t notice Sam leaning over his chest until he felt her breath on his nipples.

Sam licked her lips and sucked one of Courtney’s fat, puffy brown nipples into her mouth. She couldn’t resist them any longer, standing up like buttery caramel kisses. Fluid spurted against her tongue. It really was milk! A little thin, but sweet as anything.

“Mmmmmgh!” Courney squealed around Svetlana’s cock as he felt Sam’s lips pulling at his nipple. He tensed in her embrace, his simmering arousal spiking gloriously. He’d never been stimulated in three places at once before, and this was like someone had run live current through his pleasure centers!

His cock jumped in Sam’s fist, spurting thick, creamy streams of cum that arced up and splattered on his belly and chest. Svetlana gasped as his moaning mouth vibrated her cock. Dominique just kneaded Svetlana’s butt, watching with a playful expression on her face as her nephew came like a firehose.

Courtney felt his orgasm taper off, but it didn’t stop, not completely, anyway. His cock was still hard in Sam’s fist, slowly dribbling the last of his cum. His body still felt ultra-sensitive, thanks to the maddeningly wonderful vibrator plugging his butt.

“You’re just fulla surprises, ain’tcha?” Sam purred, licking his nipple clean. She twirled her fingers around the cum-slimy tip of his cock and Courtney shivered in delight.

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