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A flash erupted in Katherine’s vision. She blinked away spots and gasped as she saw the three ladies in the doorway, their glistening, veiny cocks swinging between their legs. Her own cock slipped free of Courtney’s ass alongside Jaime’s, and the boy moaned as his hole was emptied. Jaime sat up and propped Courtney up in her lap. He pressed his face to her breast and wrapped his lips around a nipple, instinctively suckling her teat.

Their visitors smiled at the sight. “Damn,” The redhead swore, her voice an american twang. “You stuffed that filly more full’a cream ‘n a powdered doughnut!”

The dark woman beside her licked her lips. “I wonder if he’d taste as sweet,” she purred.

“Katherine, have you met my little sister?” Jaime grinned, gesturing at the tanned blonde. Katherine did see the resemblance… in more ways than one.

“That’s Dominique?” Katherine asked incredulously as she sat on the edge of the bed. “You never said she was that hung.” Her cock twitched.

“Really,” Dominique said playfully, raising an eyebrow. “What’s the matter, Jaime? Afraid I’m going to steal your girlfriend?”

“Hey, are you going to keep staring at Katherine’s tits or are you going to introduce us to our guests?” Jaime blustered, red-faced.

“Of course, where are my manners?” Dominique gestured to her companions. “This is Sam.”

The redhead tapped a hand to her forehead and waved in a half-assed salute. “Howdy. Saw you two at th’ bar.”

Dominique turned to the other woman, “…and this is Svetlana.”

“A pleasure,” Svetlana said with a nod. Her voice was deep and rich with the accent of one fluent in, but not accustomed to, speaking another language.

“Well, come on in,” Jaime said cordially. The three ladies gathered around, stepping over the clothes, condoms and stains strewn about the carpet. Sam whistled.

“Talk about the ‘Rock Star Treatment,’” she marveled, surveying the chaos.

“Mmm,” Svetlana nodded. “Is it not luxurious? I should speak to the management about establishing a chain of resorts in the old country…”

“I meant the mess,” Sam snorted.

Katherine blinked as Svetlana sat beside her on the bed. “Haven’t I seen you before in something…?” she asked, brushing a stray lock of hair out of her eyes.

“Perhaps,” the woman shrugged. “I’ve appeared in magazines for modeling. This is, what is the word, ‘slumming.’”

“Yeah, and the rest of us’ve gotta work our asses off for a vacation like this!” Sam clamored, twitching her tail.

“Hmmm, speaking of modeling…” Jaime smiled and prodded her son. “Open up your legs and say hello to the nice ladies, Courtney!”

“Oh, um…” Courtney blushed. He sat up, parted his knees, exposing his half-hard boycock, and tilted his head coquettishly, fluttering his eyelashes. “Hi,” he said shyly.

“Goddamn, I need to get a picture of this,” Dominique said huskily. She stepped back and took a few shots, her camera flashing. Courtney played along, thrusting his chest out in one shot, sucking his finger in another. The other ladies watched hungrily as he preened for the camera.

“Lift up his legs,” Dominique grinned. “I wanna get a shot of his rosebud.”

“Sure,” Jaime obliged with a smile. Courtney bit his lip as she gripped his legs under the knee, pulling them back until they were pointed at the ceiling. His cock rested on his belly, dribbling a bit of precum. His reddened asshole pouted out like puckered lips, but otherwise appeared normal. Just looking at it, one wouldn’t imagine that it had been ravaged by a pair of horny horse cocks mere minutes ago.

“So anyway, These girls were running a train on the attendant by the bar,” Jaime explained casually as Dominique continued to snap pictures.

“Yeah, it was fun,” Sam chuckled tearing her eyes away from Courtney’s posing. “but I kinda feel sorry for the li’l foal. Don’ think he’ll be sittin’ right for a month!”

“He was enjoying himself by the end,” Svetlana said, her eyes twinkling. “I think if you had not filled his mouth with semen, he might have begged us to stay.”

“Oooh, hear that, Courtney?” Katherine giggled, nudging the boy. “All the yummy spunk you can swallow!”

Courtney squeaked and a glob of sperm squirted out of his hole like juice from a lemon.

The ladies stared.

“Tell me you got that,” Jaime demanded hungrily, breaking the silence.

“Oh fuck yes,” Dominique responded, equally lustful. Her cock was fully erect and her tail was twitching. She lowered her smartphone, sharing a meaningful look between her and Jaime.

“You know, Katherine, I think you and I should go freshen up,” Jaime said, looking over at the other woman. Katherine raised an eyebrow.

“Oh… yes, of course,” she replied, catching on. “Wash off all this sweat.” She helped Jaime to her feet.

Jaime patted Courtney on the head. “You’ll be okay with your Aunt Dominique, right, Courtney?”


“Of course he will,” Dominique cut him off. “It’s been so long since I’ve spent time with him. I think he’d enjoy entertaining my friends and I, right ladies?”

“I reckon,” Sam grinned.

“Certainly yes,” Svetlana nodded.

“Well, have fun!” Katherine beamed as she and Jaime strode hand-in-hand to the baths, not looking back as the three aroused horsegirls closed in around Courtney.

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