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“Mmmm, yeah, play with your titties! Get’em nice and stiff for us…” Dominique’s voice diminished as Katherine and Jaime strolled hand-in-hand into the bathroom. It was almost as big as their suite, with a glass walk-in shower that looked like it could comfortably accomodate four adults.
“I think Courtney’s in for some fun,” Katherine grinned as she ran her hands over the fluffy towels hanging from the rack. “Don’t you think smmmmph!” Jaime pulled Kathrine into a kiss, gripping the back of her neck and crushing her lips against the other blonde’s. Katherine closed her eyes and kissed back, opening her mouth to meet Jaime’s probing tongue and sliding her hands around her lover’s tanned hips.

They stayed like that for a moment, their breasts squeezed together, equine cocks bumping, grunting loudly as they explored each other’s mouths. Jaime pulled back, strings of drool dripping from her lips.

“You’re so fuckin’ hot, Katherine,” Jaime purred. She leaned down and took one of Katherine’s nipples in her mouth, sucking it to stiffness as Katherine stroked her head and moaned. Her tongue lapped at the firm nipple,tasting the tang of Katherine’s sweat. She did the other one, tugging on the fat cork-sized teat with her teeth, and moved down Katherine’s belly to her crotch. She buried her nose in the sweaty crease between Katherine’s cock and her legs.

“Wh-what are you doing, Jaime?” Katherine gasped, feeling puffs of air from Jaime’s nose as the other woman sniffed and snuffled her flesh. She couldn’t see past her breasts, but she felt Jaime’s fingers and chin prodding her thighs.

“I wanna get your scent,” Jaime said huskily. “Before it washes off.” She lifted Katherine’s cock and inhaled its animal odour. Her nose flared as she breathed in, absorbing every subtle, tantalizing aroma along its length. She looked up at Katherine’s excited face and licked the tip.

“Mmmm, I can taste Courtney’s asshole on you,” she chuckled, and let it drop, crawling on all fours around Katherine. Katherine could hear her tanned friend’s erect cock slap rhythmically against her belly as she crept behind her. The bespectacled blonde felt Jaime’s fingers slide up the back of her thighs and she gasped as her asshole was pried open. Jaime’s nose poked the sweaty crease and began sniffing. She licked her lips.

“Katherine, anyone ever tell you you got a pretty little asshole?”

Katherine giggled nervously. “Not since college.”

“Well it looks fuckin’ good,” Jaime said, squeezing Katherine’s fleshy butt. She flicked her tongue against Katherine’s asshole and smiled when the other woman stiffened, her cock jumping. Jaime’s own cock was rapidly growing to full erection. She dove in again, this time thrusting her tongue into the tight pucker. It started to give after a moment, quivering and flexing as Katherine got used to the intruder.

Drool dribbled down Katherine’s crack as Jaime tongue-fucked her rear. Katherine bent forward, clutching her knees to give Jaime a better angle. She grunted as she tried to relax her ass. This was a new sensation for Katherine: not just the tonguing, but the feeling of giving control up to someone else. She bit her lip as she basked in the sensation, and she groaned as she felt Jaime’s tongue pull out.

“When was the last time you had something up here?” Jaime asked, rolling her thumb against the spit-slicked hole.

“I, uh…” Katherine furrowed her brow. That was a good question. Anytime she came close to buying a dildo, vibrator or plug that looked fun, she’d change her mind at the last minute, afraid that her daughters would discover it (and they would, considering how sneaky Scarlett was) and think less of her for it. She realized she’d neglected her rear for almost a decade.

“That long, eh?” Jaime snickered at Katherine’s hesitation as she stood up, her cock at full stiffness. She set her sunglasses aside. “Lemme start the shower and we can get clean, huh?”

“Before we get dirty again?” Katherine smiled, placing her glasses beside Jaime’s. She watched her lover’s tail swish as Jaime turned on the faucet. The shower blasted down water that quickly grew steamy-hot, and Jaime crooked a finger, beckoning Katherine inside.

Katherine bit her lip and entered, sliding the glass door closed behind her. The hot water spouted down over both of them, wetting their hair and cascading down their bodies. Jaime pulled Katherine into another kiss, and this time Katherine kissed back with equal ferocity, sucking on Jaime’s tongue as much as she drove her own into her lover’s mouth. Water pooled in the deep valleys their pressed-together breasts created.

Katherrine could feel Jaime’s erection throbbing against her own. Even the heat of the shower couldn’t soften them!

“I want to wash you,” Katherine said huskily, running her hands along Jaime’s lean flanks. She kissed Jaime again, teasingly, and smiled. “Assume the position.”

The other blonde grinned at Katherine’s playful attitude and placed her hands against the wall, spreading her legs. Katherine squirted a dollop of bodywash in her palm and began to lather it into the planes of Jaime’s back.

“Mmmmmmm,” Jaime moaned as she felt Katherine’s hands glide down past her tail, through the crack of her butt and along her taint. They lingered for a moment, just long enough to make Jaime excited, before spreading the lather over her legs. Katherine grinned, knowing just how much she was teasing Jaime, and started rinsing her off.

“Other side?” Katherine asked. Jaime flipped over, her eyes shining with lust, her cock jutting out defiantly as she stood against the wall. The water coursed in rivers down the contours of her muscular frame. Katherine worked Jaime’s body, her heart pounding as she ran her soapy hands over Jaime’s big tits. Their cocks bumped as Katherine worked, the stiff equine shafts dragging across each other in a slow duel.

Katherine gently washed Jaime’s thick, throbbing cock, biting her lip as her fingers explored its veiny length. Jaime watched her with a hungry smile as she rinsed it off. Katherine gave it a kiss on the tip and stood up.

“Turn around,” Jaime ordered, gesturing with her finger. “Now you ‘assume the position.’”

Katherine complied. She knew exactly what Jaime wanted, and it terrified and thrilled her. She placed her hands on the glass, panting in excitement as she felt Jaime’s strong hands kneading her plush rear. She yelped as Jaime swatted her butt.

“Fuckin’ gorgeous,” Jaime purred, running her hand down into the crack and thumbing Katherine’s hole. The busty blonde moaned as Jaime’s thumb slipped free and something larger butted against it. Her fingers clawed at the glass as Jaime forced her cock forward, pressing the head into her tight ring. “Relax and take it.”

Katherine gasped as the fat, flared head popped inside her. Jaime’s hands gripped her hips and started slowly rocking forward, easing the water-slick monster into her. Tears ran down Katherine’s cheeks as she felt Jaime start alternating her thrusts, pumping short little jabs deeper and deeper. The painful shock of the first thrust was washing away like the soap and pleasure was trickling in to fill its place.

“O-oh god, you’re so big,” Katherine gasped. She realized just how much she’d missed being on the recieving end. Jaime’s nipples brushed her back as their hips met, and the tanned horsegirl leaned forward, breathing hard against Katherine’s ear and groping her tits.

“I’m all the way inside you, Katherine,” Jaime whispered harshly. Katherine’s knees went weak as she realized she was right! She could feel the thick member throbbing inside her ass, shifting with every movement. “Now I’m gonna fuck you, the way you fucked Courtney.”

She paused to nibble Katherine’s ear, making her shiver and moan. “Did my boy’s ass feel good, honey? ‘Course it did. Now you get to see what it feel like.”

Katherine grunted as Jaime reared back, pulling her cock almost free of the slick flesh wrapped around it. It felt like her lover was pulling her inside out! Jaime thrust back in and Katherine let out a strangled scream, clawing at the glass. The feeling was agonizing and wonderful. Jaime started to saw back and forth like a train building up speed. Her cock drilled into Katherine, filling her ass with thick equine meat. Katherine’s own cock left smears of precum all over the glass as Jaime’s cock battered her pulsing prostate.

She yelped as she felt Jaime pull her head back with a fistful of hair. “Goddamn sweet ass,” Jaime hissed through gritted teeth, still pumping her cock into Katherine. “I can feel you squeezing me, trying to milk my cock, Katherine… Mmm, speaking of milk, doesn’t your daughters’ school do a field trip to my dairy? Imagine if some bull found your girls… Think they’d squeal?”

Katherine’s cock jumped, squirting a cloudy splatter of precum against the glass as she imagined her girls getting impaled on the fem-bulls’ erections, their tight young bodies writhing and moaning as much as she was now.

“Aaaaagh, oh god, harder!” Katherine heard herself scream. “Fuck me harder!”

Jaime let go of Katherine’s hair, focusing her attention on indulging her lover’s begging. Katherine was close, and Jaime wanted to catch up. She plunged her cock into the other blonde hungrily, breathing in the steamy air laden with rich pheromones. She bit her lip as she felt her orgasm building.

Katherinegasped as Jaime sped up her tempo, pounding into her. Their balls slapped against each other, making a wet clapping noise over the hiss of the water. Her back arched as the orgasm slammed into her, her tits leaking thin trickles of milk. Her cock followed a moment later, jerking and bouncing against the glass like a wounded snake as it unleashed a pulsing, milky torrent of hot semen.

Jaime thrust a final time, her body stiffening as she lunged forward, instinctively trying to bury her equine length deep into her lover. Katherine was sandwiched between Jaime and the slippery glass, lifted a few inches off her feet even as her cock still spat out cum. Her toes curled as she felt Jaime’s cock throb inside her, followed by a feeling of hot liquid fullness.

Jaime let out a groan, her fingers digging into Katherine’s hips. Her cock shuddered as it sprayed thick cum into her lover, filling her. The other blonde’s anal muscles flexed with each throb of her spurting cock. Jaime leaned forward, her tits squashing against Katherine, as her strength faltered. Slowly, Katherine slid back down to the ground.

“Shi-i-it,” Katherine whispered, drawing out the word in a faraway voice. Her orgasm dwindled until it was a pleasant afterglow.

“Yeah,” Jaime replied, holding Katherine pinned against the slimy glass. “How do you feel, Katherine?”

“Full,” Katherine looked back and smiled. “Think you could clean me now, Jaime?”

“Sure, babe,” Jaime grinned and wriggled her hips. Katherine gasped as she felt the cock inside her sliding around. “Inside and out.”

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