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Candy Warhead sat on the rink-side bench and sighed. She didn’t look up as her team, the Sugar Rush, skated past, their impassive faces masking their emotions. The peroxide-blonde dickgirl could feel the disappointment of her team like it was a tangible thing, a resentful smell that hung in the air like swamp gas.

The last girl zipped past and she was alone. She unstrapped her helmet, stripped off her gloves and ran her fingers through her hair, thinking of a pep talk to boost her demoralized comrades. She was their pivot and captain, and it was her strategies that lost them the match. On their home turf, no less.

“Fuck, why did I make that bet?” she moaned, remembering the wager she’d made with the other team’s captain and jammer, Rocket Robin. She was a brutal machine in the rink. Any blockers she didn’t dodge could barely hold her, she was so tricky and tough. Crotch grabs, kidney shots, elbows… Robin used every dirty trick in the book and she seemed to know when the referees weren’t looking.

Candy got to her feet and stretched, trying to delay the inevitable just a little longer. She sighed and skated her way into the back, towards the locker rooms. It was awfully quiet… except for one sound, a rhythmic rubbing noise. Candy’s eyes widened as she recognized it and rounded the corner. There, sitting on the padded seat with her shorts around her ankles, was Rocket Robin, jerking her cock.

“What the fuck…?” Candy blurted. Robin glanced up as she saw the blonde roll in.

“Oh… hey,” Robin grunted. “Be right… with you.” Sweat dripped from her forehead as she continued, not missing a beat. Candy watched in morbid fascination as Robin pumped her fist up and down her dick, her tits wobbling with each beat. Candy couldn’t help but notice that the tattooed girl had a condom on.

Just then, Robin groaned and clenched up, and Candy saw the condom suddenly balloon up, filling with off-white liquid. Robin gave her cock a few last jerks and sighed in satisfaction. She pulled at the condom, yanking the stretchy latex sheath off with a snap, her cock wobbling as it stayed half erect. She squeezed the codom like a lemon and the semen fell into the trophy sitting next to the seat with a plop. Candy grimaced as she saw it was almost full of sperm; practically dripping with the sticky stuff with other used condoms sloppily strewn about it. Robin tossed hers along with the others and leaned back, draping her arms over the backrest.

“So about that bet,” Robin started.

“First of all, what the fuck?!” Candy shouted. “I wanna know why you’re in MY locker room, fapping into YOUR fucking trophy! Our bet was just that the loser was going to wear a chastity cage for a month!”

“Oh yeah, I’ve got that right here,” Robin smiled, nodding at her gym bag. “But I figured you’d be interested in an alternative or two. After all, your team’s gonna have questions if their captain shows up next practice with a lock on her cock.”

Candy hesitated. Robin did have a point. The Sugar Rush already lost a little faith in her today. It would be even more devastating if they saw her with a stainless steel cage on her junk. They’d put two and two together.

“What kind of alternatives,” Candy hissed. Robin shrugged.

“Well, the Reapers wanna celebrate,” Robin said casually. “If you agree to be their cumdumpster tonight, we’ll call it off. Actually, they’ve been saving up just in case.” Candy looked aghast. “Or…”

“Or what?” Candy asked, not liking her options.

“Or we settle this between each other,” Robin continued, relishing the hold she had on Candy. “See, after I saw we were gonna get matched up, I might’ve forgot to wash up a couple times.” Candy wrinkled her nose. She’d thought it was her imagination in the rink, but now that she was close up, she could really get a whiff of Robin’s funk. It was so thick that Candy was surprised there weren’t cartoon stink lines rising off of Robin’s body.

“Ugh,” she groaned, turning her head away slightly.

“Yeah, so as I was saying,” Robin went on. “Option three is that you give me a nice tongue bath. Doesn’t have to be all over. Just, you know… the important parts.” She patted her crotch for emphasis.

“Is that all?” Candy asked, fearing the answer. Robin grinned.

“Not quite,” Robin said with a grin. “See, your team was so bummed that you cost them the trophy that I said they could jack off into it if it’d make them feel better. Think it worked? They sure looked happy once they were done. A couple of ‘em said they’d rather it’d been you, so I figured I’d do the next best thing and get you to drink it all! Dumping it down the drain’d be such a waste, anyway.”

The blonde considered her options for a moment. “Fine.”

“All right,” Robin purred gleefully. She lifted her leg and propped it up on the seat as she leaned to the side. One hand went to her crotch and grabbed the egg-sized balls while the other beckoned Candy forward. The blonde hesitated.

“C’mon, Candy, I’m feeling a draft,” Robin licked her lips. Candy sighed and stepped forward. “Get on your knees and keep your hands behind your back. No hands, remember?”

Candy grunted as she knee-walked over to her rival. She forced down a gag as Robin’s crotch-smell hit her in the face.

“That’s it, breathe in,” Robin taunted. “Now come on, let’s see what your tongue can do. Get me hard.” To emphasize, she wriggled her half-erect cock.

Candy leaned in and started to lick Robin’s shaft, but the tattoed girl slapped her across the head. “Start at the bottom first!”

Candy glared up at Robin, but dipped her head down. She choked as she breathed in the smell of her rival’s taint. It was smooth, but there was still enough creases to collect the odour. She licked, wincing at the salty tang of Robin’s nethers. The tattooed girl’s testicles rolled over Candy’s forehead, leaving a grimy sensation.

“Ooooh, that’s it,” Robin said breathily. “Don’t be shy.”

Candy continued upwards, dragging her tongue over the smooth ballsack. She glanced up past her rival’s swelling erection and saw Robin’s smug expression. Candy averted her eyes, not wanting to give Robin another opportunity to taunt her. The tattoed girl’s dick fell forward, bumping Candy’s face as it grew harder.

“Mmmm, that’s your cue,” Robin giggled. “Get to it.”

Candy leaned back a little and regarded Robin’s dick. It still had residue of her orgasm on it, just adding to the smell. The foreskin was slightly open and her cockhead peeked shyly out. Candy licked up the shaft, tasting Robin’s cock. The blonde would have been happy to lick another dickgirl’s crotch clean under different circumstances. This was different, though. This was sadistic and vile.

She licked upwards, wiping the cum off Robin’s dick. She grimaced as she gulped it down. It had all the unpleasant flavour of Robin’s unwashed cock mixed with the musky taste of semen. Her tongue dragged around the edge of Robin’s foreskin, moistening the stuck skin.

“Don’t stop now, you’re almost done,” Robin sighed in delight.

“Yeah right,” Candy snorted, but continued anyway. She dug her tongue under the folded skin and was rewarded by it peeling back, revealing a thick layer of smegma ringing Robin’s cockhead. Candy gagged at the smell and clenched her eyes shut, reluctantly lapping at the filmy rind. It was like trying to lick dried jello off of a spoon.

Candy panted a moment, regarding the spit-slicked cock before her. She took a deep breath and engulfed the head, closing her lips around the stiff organ. Her tongue wriggled around the circumference of the thick meat, slobbering messily in an attempt to loosen the gunk. It seemed to work, as bits of smegma came loose with every slurp.

Robin moaned as Candy fellated her in her attempt to clean her cock. Candy snorted and choked as she sucked up the dissolving crust of Robin’s smegma, swallowing it faster than she could taste it. It felt like an eternity before there was nothing more, just hot flesh beneath her tongue. It was almost a blessed relief when she felt Robin’s cock swell and throb in her mouth, spurting a thick, creamy load of cum. Candy gulped it down, glad for the familiar taste. Robin groaned in delight as she orgasmed, loving the sensation of Candy’s tongue working her cockhead.

The blonde pulled back, gasping as she wiped her mouth clean. She sat there on hands and knees, trying to regain her breath. She could still taste Robin on her tongue.

“That wasn’t so bad,” Robin sighed. “Maybe a six out of ten. Seven if I were feeling generous. But there’s still one last thing to take care of.” She tapped her skate against the golden trophy.

“Uhhh,” Candy groaned as she looked in at the swirled, cloudy cum filling the trophy. Her head buzzed from breathing in too much of Robin’s odour. She lifted the cup to her lips.

The cum oozed down and Candy began to gulp it down, trying her best not to choke. It was like drinking pudding. Candy was just glad it was still warm!

She gurgled as it slid into her mouth and swallowed it, little by little. The taste and smell was so overpowering that she seemed to lose track of time. There was so much that it felt like she’d be drinking it forever.

Robin watched in fascination as Candy choked down the combined loads of her entire team. The blonde was determined to the point of madness.

Candy wasn’t sure when she’d finished the cup off. It was just sitting there while she leaned drunkenly against the seat. Robin was there, scooping out the last dregs with her fingers and wiping them inside Candy’s mouth. The blonde’s belly bulged from the sheer volume of semen she’d swallowed. She lazily sucked Robin’s fingers clean.

“Great performance, Candy,” she smiled. “The lighting was a little shitty, but I think the video will look good.”

“Huh?” Candy lifted her head, surprise cutting through the delirium.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? I was taping the whole thing.” Robinwalked over to an open locker where a digital camcorrder was resting on the shelf. It had a perfect angle to capture everything. Robin tossed it into her bag along with everything else and zipped it up.

“But don’t worry,” Robin added, peeling the condoms off her trophy. “I’ll send you a copy to enjoy. Call it a… consolation prize.”

Candy let out a burp, and the taste of cum rose in her mouth.

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