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Peach looked at himself in the mirror, twirling side to side to get a better view.

“Are you sure about this, mom?” he called out. He was wearing a suit styled boyishly, but it fitted his body and accentuated his slender, feminine figure. Glossy tights encased his legs and he was propped up in a pair of red patent leather heels.

“Absolutely, Peach,” Meryl replied from the other fitting room. Her platinum-blonde head peeked over the curtain. She smiled as she regarded Peach, her eyes taking in the sight of his pert young ass. “That pop star you like wore one just like it. You know, the one who wears eyeliner and always looks so pouty? What’s his name…”

Peach turned around and was about to roll his eyes, but he gasped when he saw Meryl emerge wearing a black strapless gown with a pair of opera gloves. The velvety fabric fit her powerful body perfectly, accentuating her femininity but leaving no guesses about her strength. He caught glimpses of her thick cock through the slit of her dress.

“Jesus, mom!” Peach blushed. Meryl grinned. Peach had never actually seen her wearing formal attire. She’d always worn workout sweats, her favorite leathers or her work uniform. Even seeing her in stiletto heels was a surprise… expecially the way they accentuated her legs!

“Oh good, that’s the kind of reaction I was hoping for,” she said, striking a Betty Grable pose. “Now c’mon, let’s go pay for these rags.”

Peach followed his mother as she approached the cashier. Watching her move in those heels was like watching a tiger prowl the jungle and it made Peach’s heart flutter… among other things. The girl behind the counter looked Meryl up and down, her reddening face undermining her cold professional demeanor.

“Uh, erm,” she cleared her throat. “We don’t normally allow customers to wear their purchases out the store…”

“You’re welcome to take them off if you’d like,” Meryl purred, leaning on the counter, giving the girl an eyeful of cleavage. She saw the girl’s nametag. “…Monique.”

“Uhm, that won’t be neccessary,” the cashier muttered, averting her eyes and punching up the total on her machine. “So, uh, how will you be paying…”

Meryl caught Peach staring at the price tag. “Not a word, Peach,” she said, swiping her credit card. “You wanted a fancy date for your birthday, right?”

It was true. He’d suggested it a few weeks ago in an offhand fashion, but he didn’t expect Meryl to have taken him seriously. Not that he was complaining! Meryl had surprised him with a drive out to the fancy boutique district of town where they’d been strolling. They’d stopped into this upscale clothing shop and Meryl had convinced Peach to try on a few things… Now they were both dressed to kill!

They strolled out of the store into the warm evening. The promenade was lit softly by the light of street lamps and hanging lanterns. Peach giggled.

“Did you see the way that girl was staring at you? I thought she was going to pee herself,” he said with a grin. They passed by a fountain where more couples were enjoying each other’s company.

“Well, I must have done something right.” Meryl unfolded the reciept and showed Peach: Monique had scrawled her name and number on it. “Maybe I’ll give her a call. She had nice dimples…”

“Yeah well, just remember,” Peach said firmly. He wrapped his arm around Meryl’s, feeling the firm muscles shift beneath her soft skin. “You’re MY date tonight, mom.”

“How could I forget, babydoll?” Meryl swept Peach into her arms and kissed him in a most un-motherly fashion. Peach’s hands crawled down Meryl’s back as their tongues met, brifly quivering against each other before separating.

“Oh wow,” Peach exhaled as Meryl set him down. “We should do this more often.”

“But then it wouldn’t be special,” Meryl replied. “Whew. I need a moment to cool down or I’m going to punch a hole in this dress.” She sat on the edge of the fountain, reached into her purse and opened up a compact mirror. Peach watched her fix her makeup for a moment.

“Wait here, mom,” he said, and slipped away. He came back a minute later, hiding something behind his back. “Okay, close your eyes!”

Meryl suppressed a smile and did so. She felt something brush against her hair and stay fast. “You can look now.”

She opened her eyes and lifted her mirror to see what it was. A brilliant purple flower was affixed to her hair. She beamed and embraced her son, squeezing him tightly against her soft breasts. “Oh Peach, it’s beautiful! Thank you!”

Peach grinned and took Meryl’s hand as she got to her feet and they continued their stroll. Meryl squeezed his hand as she held it. He smiled up at her as he tried to keep up with her long stride. He held his mother’s hand with pride, showing off to anyone that looked.

“Now Peach,” Meryl said conversationally. “I know you’d hoped for us to just stroll around and enjoy the sights, but unfortunately, I have to put a crimp in your plan…”

Peach’s face fell. Sometimes Meryl got called into work last minute to cover for others or if they were short-handed. He’d hoped Meryl would be free all night! “Uh-huh,” he sighed.

“…so I hope you don’t mind that I made some reservations here,” Meryl smiled, gesturing at the restaurant they’d stopped in front of. Golden light streamed out from the antique portico. It looked like an old mansion or plantation house with its white pillars, patio and balcony. Meryl pulled Peach inside, smiling.

She told the maitre’d her name and he gave a short bow. “Right this way, please.”

Meryl strutted through the restaurant with Peach on her arm. This time, it was her turn to feel proud. Diners paused in their conversations and meals to marvel at the sight of a beautifully muscled platinum blonde woman and her femme date make their way through the dining room. The maitre’d unlocked a velvet rope at the base of a flight of stairs and led them up to the balcony. Peach ran his hands along the gilded balustrade, as impressed at the interior as he was at the exterior.

“Here we are,” the maitre’d said, showing them into a private balcony. He set down the menu and began lighting the candles. “Would madame care to see the wine selection?” Meryl nodded and selected a bottle of champagne. The waiter complimented her on her choice and slipped out to get it. Peach held out a chair for her and sat down with her.

“I apologize for scaring you like that, Peach,” Meryl smiled as they enjoyed the view. “You were so excited about our date that I wanted to contribute something.”

“I know, but wow!” Peach said in bewilderment. “This is fantastic! How did you afford this?”

“Just a bonus from a contractor,” Meryl said cryptically. A waiter entered with a chilled bottle and a bucket of ice. He popped it open and poured Meryl a glass.

“Can I have some?” Peach asked.

“Maybe when you’re older,” Meryl responded with a grin as the waiter withdrew. She checked the time. “Hmmmm, okay, you’re older now. C’mere.” She crooked a finger, beckoning him forward, and took a long sip of her drink.

Peach leaned forward and Meryl took his chin as she moved closer. Their lips met and Meryl gently wormed her tongue into Peach’s mouth. He got the hint and opened up. His reward was a rush of cool, fizzy liquid with a crisp, fruity flavour. He moaned and gulped it down, feeling naughty.

“Mmm, happy birthday, Peach,” Meryl purred as they separated. Peach giggled and hiccuped.

“Oooh, that tickled,” he said. They both went over the menu and selected their dinner. The waiter returned and Meryl told him their order. She began asking questions about the ingredients but she felt something rubbing her leg. She glanced over to see Peach suppressing a smile and casually twirling a pigtail in his fingers. The thing prodded her calf, moving upwards as she discussed the dinner options. She felt five toes and a sole stroking her, but kept her voice level.

“What kind of nuts do they put on the… the salad!” she suddenly stiffened as she felt the foot snake beneath her dress and casually squeeze the head of her cock. She cleared her throat and continued, feeling Peach’s astonishingly limber toes tickle her glans. Finally, the waiter left and Meryl groaned as Peach’s foot withdrew, leaving her half-hard.

“You little brat,” Meryl said, half-annoyed, half-aroused.

“What? Did something happen?” Peach asked innocently. “I didn’t do anything. Must be dementia setting in early, mom.”

Meryl glared at Peach for a moment, then burst out laughing. “Oh lord… You’re worse than MY first date, Peach.”

“Oh? Who was that?” Peach asked, eagerly switching the subject.

“She was my T.A. for Spanish class,” Meryl said, reminiscing. “A real pretty dancer from Málaga. We got sauced on vodka coolers and went to dinner and a movie. I swear I learned more Spanish in one night with her than in that whole semester.”

“What did she teach you?” Peach asked curiously once they’d finished. Meryl looked devious.

“Why don’t I show you?” Meryl giggled. She filled up her champagne glass and slipped beneath the tablecloth.

Peach inhaled as he felt his mother nuzzle up against his crotch. He could feel her hot breath puff up against his cock and balls as she dug her nose in like a dog, taking in his sweet boyscent. It was enough to get him half-hard, but she wasn’t done yet. He felt her fingers crawling over his shaft, squeezing and playing with it through the thin material. Her mouth closed around his nuts, gently massaging them with her lips.

Her hands peeled the fly open and fished out his erection just as the waiter returned with the next course.

“Ah, I see you are enjoying yourself,” the waiter said blandly, setting out the plates. Peach nodded stiffly, his face flushed. He felt Meryl gently blowing air across the head of his cock, gripping it with one satiny gloved hand while the other fondled his balls.

“Uh-huh…” he squeaked. The waiter looked quizzically at him.

“Where is madame?”

“Uh, she wanted to step out for some air!” Peach said a little too loudly. Now Meryl’s tongue was joining in, swirling around the tip like she was licking droplets from a melting ice cream cone.

The waiter lifted an eyebrow. “From a balcony?”

“I mean, uh, she went to the bathroom,” he shook his head as he corrected himself. He felt Meryl’s tongue lift from his cock and he almost sighed in relief. His eyes widened as he felt her lips touch the head, but something was different. A cool, fizzy sensation rushed over his dick as she sank it deeper into his mouth and he moaned.

“Are you all right?” the waiter asked.

“Yes, it’s… all just so overwhelming,” Peach smiled weakly, his legs quivering as Meryl sucked him off. “Th-the luxury, I mean…” The waiter nodded and walked out, glancing back at him once in suspicion. Peach gripped the tablecloth, suppressing his cries. Every shift of Meryl’s mouth made more of the liquid slide around his shaft, amplifying the sensation. He also felt Meryl’s gloved hand gently tugging on his balls, rolling the baby-smooth sac around like a pair of eggs.

He couldn’t hold back. With a strangled yelp, he clamped his legs together around Meryl’s head, orgasming hard. The cum rushed out of his dick, mixing with the champagne already in Meryl’s mouth. It seemed like forever before he was spent. Meryl slid her mouth off and climbed back out.

“Oh my god,” Peach panted. “That was ammmmrph!” Meryl got him in another liplock, and plunged her tongue into his mouth as before. This time, it wasn’t just champagne, but also cum! Peach moaned as Meryl shared the tasty cocktail with him.

“Wow,” Peach gasped, catching his breath. “I can see why you dated her.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Meryl grinned. He saw the tent in her dress. “Maybe on your next birthday I’ll show you the REALLY kinky stuff we did.” They started to eat their second course. Every so often, they’d share another champagne-filled kiss.

“Oooooh,” Peach hiccuped and wiped his mouth. “Mmmm, that’s good. I don’t wanna get drunk, though, or I might forget all we did tonight!”

Meryl smiled as they were brought dessert. “That WOULD be a tragedy. Oh, this is good,” she sighed as she tried a spoonful.

“What is it?” Peach asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s so creamy. Here, try some,” Meryl brought her spoon to Peach’s mouth.

“Mmmmm, have some of mine,” Peach giggled, returning the favour. His spoon slipped, leaving a dab of syrupy cream on Meryl’s chin. “Oops, let me get that for you, mom.”

He leaned in and licked it off. Meryl’s tongue slipped out and slithered against his, sharing the taste. It was like a switch had been flicked. The muscular mother and androgynous son started to kiss, aggressively, passionately, as if the sexual tension simmering throughout the evening had reached a boiling point.

Meryl pulled peach onto her lap and Peach could feel her full erection jabbing into his leg like a spear as they kissed. They moaned into each other’s mouths, their hands roaming each other’s body. Peach groped and pawed Meryl’s breasts while she squeezed his pert young butt.

“Ooooh, oh god, mommy,” Peach whimpered.

“I want you, Peach,” Meryl hissed.


“Right here, right now.” She lifted Peach and placed him on the table, shoving aside their half-eaten desserts. His cock jutted up out of his still-undone pants. The platinum blonde yanked them down until they bunched at his ankles, then pushed his legsto his shoulders, bringing his tight little butt to her face.

Without a word, she dove in between the soft cheeks, digging her tongue into the tight pucker of his anus. He whimpered, biting down on a knuckle to stifle his cries as she rimmed him, licking his hole until saliva ran down the crack and dripped on the tablecloth.

Meryl stepped back and pulled her dress aside like, unveiling her prodigious erection. The veiny monster throbbed like an engine revving up and her balls were practically churning with anticipation. She leaned forward and pressed the head against Peach’s pucker, swirling it against the tight little ring. Peach looked up at Meryl.

“Do it, mommy!”

She shoved forth and her cockhead popped inside. Mother and son both gasped at the sensation. Meryl crawled up on the table, forcing Peach forward. He swung his legs back, looping them around her as she sank her cock into him with hard, short thrusts.

“N-now I’ve got you,” he said breathlessly.

“Likewise,” she grunted, practically folding him double as she gripped the tablecloth for leverage. He pulled her face close, bringing her in for a long, slow kiss. They gasped and groaned as they wrestled one another’s tongues. Meryl’s muscles strained mightily as she pumped into her son’s tight young hole. He flexed himeslf around her, squeezing her with his anal passage.

Meryl shut her eyes as she felt the inevitable orgasm cascade over her. Her balls clenched up as sparks erupted in her brain, firing jolts of pleasure down her spine and back again. Her cock erupted, spewing thick gouts of hot, creamy semen into her son and lover.

“Yessss,” Peach moaned. “Do it, ohhhh, fill me mommy…” His heels jabbed into her lower back, spurring her like a horse. He threw his arms around her neck and rained kisses against her face as he felt her cock expanding and pulsing as it spurted inside him, giving him goosebumps.

Meryl didn’t resist Peach’s oral assault, stiffened as she was in the throes of orgasm. As suddenly as it began, it was over. Peach’s ass milked her cock of its last drop and she fell limp atop her son. He gently shifted her bulk so that she wasn’t suffocating him but he could still enjoy her pillowy breasts pressed against his body.

“I love you, mommy,” he said quietly, kissing her sweaty brow.

“Happy Birthday, Peach,” she sighed in response.

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