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Peach stepped out of the convenience store and casually strolled around the corner. He leaned against the wall and sighed in relief. He slipped the pack of gum out of his pocket and was about to unwrap a piece when he heard some familiar voices.

“The library’s really nice too, my book club meets there on Wednesdays… Oh, and there’s the gym, it’s a–”

“BO-RING! Come on, Emily, we need to show off the hotspots, like Fingercuff’s, or Gloryhole Park!”

He saw three figures pass by an alley and grinned in recognition, skipping up behind them.

“Hey sluts! Who’s your new friend?” Emily and Scarlett turned to regard their interloper. When they saw who it was, they both broke out into smiles and greeted Peach with a hug and a slap on the butt.

“‘sup Peach?” Scarlett said. “We were just showing our new friend around town.”

Peach looked their companion up and down. He was a cute little blonde in a pink Stetson and cowboy boots and looked shyly up at Peach past long eyelashes.

“Yeah, this is Courtney,” Emily said. “He’s visiting from out of town and mom let him stay at our house. Courtney, this is Peach.”

Before Courtney could do anything, Peach had him in a tight embrace and kissed him on the lips.

“Wow, uh,” Courtney gasped as Peach let him go. “Nice to meet you too!”

“Thanks,” Peach smiled. He heard a commotion behind them and saw the clerk burst out of the convenience store. “Hey, could you do me a favour and let me borrow your hat for a minute?” Peach grabbed Courtney’s hat and put it on, then slipped between Courtney and Emily and broke into a dash.

The three of them looked back and saw the clerk shouting and ran after Peach, following him as he skidded around corners and threaded past other people on the sidewalk.

“You’re in trouble, you’re in trouble,” Scarlett sang at Peach as she ran behind him. Emily held Courtney’s hand as they kept pace with Scarlett. Finally, Peach ducked into an old-fashioned door and the other three slipped in behind him.

“Whew, thanks again,” Peach puffed, and put the hat back on Courtney’s head. Everyone but Emily leaned against the wall and took a minute to catch their breath. “Emily, c’mere a minute. Lemme see your fanny pack.”

He began emptying his pockets and stuffing the items into her pouch. Emily saw lip gloss, packs of gum and strips of condoms go inside.

“Peach,” Emily said sternly. “Have you been shoplifting?”

“No!” Peach denied vehemently. “Well, sort of. I only did it once, but April caught me. She said she’d tell mom if I didn’t get shit for her and Roxy, like condoms and rolling papers. THOSE are in my shoe. They can smoke foot-skunk if they’re that desperate.”

“Where are we, anyway?” Scarlett asked. Courtney looked at the framed menu on the wall. It was printed with a coat-of-arms at the top: a nude woman with a winged helmet holding a shield under her breasts. An erection peeked out from beneath the shield and a banner was draped across it, printed with gothic script.

“Die Testikel und Titten?” Courtney read. They looked around and saw waitresses bustling around with mugs of thick foamy liquid on platters as well as plates of sausages, schnitzels, saurkraut and slices of black forest cake. The women were all dressed in skimpy, yet old-fashioned, lingerie with lacy fringes and bows decorating them. The uniform looked like a very, VERY brief version of traditional Bavarian costume. Many of them had their hair pinned up in braids, and all of them had thick cocks swaying between their legs!

A banner hanging from the roofbeams proclaimed it to be Oktoberfest, and the four wandered in and sat at a table, staring in fascination at the open display of feminine flesh.

Courtney marveled as a top-heavy brunette swayed by. “The girls here are really…”

“Yeah,” Scarlett agreed breathlessly. “Never been here before. Peach?”

Peach shook his head. “Nope.”

Emily’s eyes widened as she spotted a figure approaching. “Uh, heads up, guys.” She pointed surrepititiously and the others’ eyes follwed her finger. They saw a curvaceous woman, her hips sliding and swaying with every movement. She had the heft of maturity, but carried it well. Her breasts were on display, carelessly spilling out of the flimsy, filmy top she wore, and they were capped with fat nipples the colour of caramel.

Between her thick legs was the hard shaft of her cock. It stood fully erect, swaying like a cobra about to strike and it glistened with a wetness that suggested it was recently inside something warm and moist. It was so girthsome that it hung low even at full erection. Her balls were tucked into a pretty thong but that couldn’t disguise their size. Each testicle was almost as big as her fist!

A pair of spectacles rested on her nose. Her silvery-blonde hair was pinned in a tight braid around her head and she had a wry smirk on her lips and a sparkle in her eye. She approached the table with an exaggerated swagger, showing off the rolling roundness of her hips.

“Well, isn’t this nice,” she said cheerfully, leaning on the table. Her beasts hung forward like globes of ripe fruit. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this much trouble walk in the door.”

“H-hi, Ms. Charlie, ma’am,” Emily spoke up.

“Why hello, Emily dear,” Charlie winked at the athletic blonde. “You’re always so polite. Girls please, close your mouths, you’re catching flies.” The other three were agog at the sight of the matronly dickgirl casually chatting as if it were nothing out of the ordinary.

“I’m Courtney!” Courtney blurted and held out a hand. Charlie laughed and shook it. Courtney squirmed in his seat at her firm grip. He let go and tucked his hands underneath the table, blushing.

“How do you do, Courtney. Call me Charlie,” she replied. “I’ll be your waitress today.”

“Wait, hold on,” Scarlett said incredulously, motioning a time-out. “Waitressing? What happened? Mom said you were the head of a corporation or something! What happened, did they bust you for insider trading and you got off with some bullshit community service?”

“Mmmm? Oh nothing like that, dear,” Charlie shrugged, making her breasts wobble a little. “I just enjoy taking some time off to get some perspective. Serve people in a different way, you know?”

“I’ll bet I know how you serve them,” Peach snickered. He pumped a fist in front of his open mouth. The other three giggled at Peach’s taunt but Charlie just smiled slyly.

“Hmmm, well, I suppose you four are of drinking age then?” They glanced at each other. “No? Well, that could be a problem. Although we do have one item available by special request only… The Sweet Cherry Challenge. If you girls are up for it, that is?”

“I’m up for anything you can dish out,” Scarlett said cockily.

“That goes double for me,” Peach grinned.

“O-okay,” Courtney nodded.

“Sure, I guess so,” Emily agreed cautiously.

“Attention, ladies!” Charlie announced, turning to address the room. “These four girls are taking on the Sweet Cherry Challenge! A whole litre of our finest, creamiest cum fresh from the cock swirled with sweet milk squeezed from the tits of our milkmaids.” The room erupted into applause as Charlie flourished her hand over the table.

She walked over to the kitchen door and stepped inside. The four at the table saw a glimpse of the anal plug jutting out between her cheeks and held in place by the string of her thong.

“Huh. I thought she looked distracted,” Peach remarked.

“Wait, so what’s happening?” Courtney asked.

“Isn’t it obvious, Courtney?” Scarlett answered. “I’m gonna mop the floor with you three.”

“You’re gonna have trouble swallowing all that cum, considering you’re already full of shit,” Peach sneered.

“Emily, back me up,” Scarlett rolled her eyes.

“Well, I have seen you give a lot of head…” her sister observed.

“Your mom doesn’t count!” Peach retorted.

“Shh, do you guys hear that?” Courtney spoke up. Peach and Scarlett’s bickering was cut short as they heard a lot of moaning, grunting and slapping sounds coming from the kitchen. They glanced back and forth in recognition at the primal noises, putting aside their argument in order to listen.

“She wasn’t kidding, huh?” Courtney said, squirming in his seat. The others were just as anxious as him, but said nothing to betray their feelings. They simply stewed in their own growing arousal.

Charlie strode out of the kitchen, bearing four glass tankards filled to overflowing with creamy white liquid. Her cock dribbled carelessly and stringy globs of cum plopped on the floor as she approached the table.

“Holy crap,” Emily gasped as Charlie set the tankards down. The thick mixture ran down the sides of the glasses, lazily pooling on the tabletop. It had a musky, robust bouquet with hints of sweetness. Charlie theatrically dropped a cocktail cherry in each glass.

“The rules are simple,” she explained as each cherry sank into the nearly-opaque liquid. “The first one to get to the cherry at the bottom wins. You may begin!”

Scarlett and Peach started, both of them grabbing their glass and slurping away at the creamy drink. Courtney, full of bravado, tried the same and nearly spat the cum out his nose. He coughed into a napkin and looked over at Emily.

“Hey, aren’t you going to drink yours?”

Emily looked at Courtney, then back at the glass. “I think I should pass,” she said. “I’ve gotta maintain my weight or the coach’ll kick me off the team. That’s okay, right, Miss Charlie?”

“Oh, I suppose,” Charlie sighed. “But the girls in the back worked so hard to make this for you, Emily dear.” She looked down on Emily with a twinkle in her eye and bit her lip.

Emily dipped her pinky in the glass and licked it clean. “I’m done.” Courtney giggled and went back to his glass, sipping at it more conservatively this time in the hopes that slow and steady would win the race.

Meanwhile, Peach and Scarlett were eagerly chugging down their drinks. Both gulped down a mouthful and then took a breather, glancing at the other in hopes that their opponent was getting full. It seemed like they were neck-and-neck, but then Peach went for a bold leap ahead: he tilted his head back and poured the batter-like cream down his open throat, not even bothering to swallow. The cherry fell from his glass into his mouth with the last dregs.

He set the glass down and spat out the cherry stem, now knotted, into his empty glass.

“We have a winner!” Charlie announced, and the room applauded as Peach licked his lips clean. The others hadn’t done badly, with the exception of Emily. Courtney’s glass was almost half-emptied and there was only an inch or so left in Scarlett’s. All three applauded, but Peach could see the look in Scarlett’s eyes. They both knew this wasn’t over, not by a long shot.

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