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Sasha jumped as she felt the prod poke into her and walked a little faster down the dim hallway. She flexed her hands in the cuffs behind her and moaned as she felt the slight breeze brush against her poor cock. The attendant, a nurse with pale hair tied in a ponytail, tugged on the leash, pulling Sasha forward. She stumbled, but quickly found her feet again. She didn’t want to get punished for more than she already was! And the two guards escorting her would surely jump at the chance. They marched in lockstep behind her like a pair of robots.

“Sasha, you’ve been a very bad little cow,” the attendant said sternly. “Forcing yourself on another cow is a terrible offense. You might have spoiled that poor thing’s milk for a month! I’m afraid Nurse Jaime authorized you for an hour in the clamps.”

Sasha furrowed her brow. “Th-the clamps, ma’am?”

“Oh that’s right, this is your first time,” the woman said. “It’s a new type of correctional device we had installed last week. You’ll see soon enough.” She led her to what looked like one of the stud-milking rooms, except instead of the milking units, there was a line of padded seats with a ring of restraints bolted to each one, along with a modular control panel.

Wordlessly, the guards pulled Sasha to one of them and undid the purple-haired girl’s cuffs. Before Sasha could react, the two muscular women pushed her into the seat and locked her wrists into the padded clamps. She considered kicking at them, but quickly decided against it. Their dispassionate expressions were partially hidden by sunglasses, but she knew from past experience that resistance would be a bad idea.

“Hmmm, have you lost weight, Sasha?” The nurse asked as she watched the two guards close the restraints over Sasha’s legs. Sasha struggled as the women adjusted the manacles. “All this exertion is going to make you stringy, you know. I’ll have to inform the feeding staff that you need extra carbohydrates.”

The guards withdrew once their work was done, leaving the room as quietly as they came. Sasha was almost totally immobile. She could move her head or wriggle her torso, but the clamps left little room for anything else.

The nurse leaned over Sasha to examine her. “Hmmm, you haven’t been milked in a while, I see. Your udders look a little puffy.” Sasha’s eyes were drawn to the gap in the nurse’s uniform. She’d left a few buttons casually undone and Sasha gazed longingly down the gap between her breasts. Sasha’s cock throbbed to life as the woman seemed to pause for a moment, allowing Sasha that tantalizing glimpse. She nearly shot her load when the nurse turned away and Sasha’s open hand brushed against her tit.

The woman pulled up a pair of standard milking tubes. Sasha was confused. Was she simply going to get milked? Before she could ask, the nurse snapped a pair of rubber bands on Sasha’s teats.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she gulped as the woman squired a little lube on her fingers. The nurse didn’t answer. She moved behind Sasha and leaned over her once again, only this time, her barely-clothed breasts were swaying right over Sasha’s face! She let out a whimper as the nurse expertly began working the lube into Sasha’s nipples.

She moaned as she felt strong fingers swirling around her teats, massaging the jelly into her soft flesh. The rubber bands were cruelly enhancing the sensation but keeping her milk from squirting out. What’s worse was that the nurse’s motions were making her own tits wobble and sway just above Sasha’s head! Her cock was harder than iron and beginning to dribble a bit of precum by the time the nurse was done.

Sasha gasped as the tubes were placed on her nipples and the suction pump began working, pulling her teats tightliy into the glass cups. She moaned and wriggled, clenching her fists as the machine sucked her nipples. She could see them bulging inside the tubes, practically pulsating with the insistent need to express milk. She hadn’t been milked in almost two days. For her, that was almost a torture in itself!

She was so preoccupied with her tits that she didn’t notice the piston-rig the attendant hooked up to the bottom of the ring, with a thick blue dildo screwed on the end. The cow felt a hand cup her balls and pair of slick fingers worm into her asshole, swirling and twisting in the tight ring, spreading that same buttery lube all around inside her. Sasha moaned loudly. She could feel the nurse’s breath on the shaft of her cock… and she swore that the woman was methodically squeezing her balls!

Something pressed against her now-slick asshole and her eyes widened as the nurse started up the device. The lubed shaft slowly wormed into Sasha, sliding under her balls. She couldn’t see past the throbbing,, swaying tower of her cock, but she could feel the slow, mechanical action of the piston, pushing the rubbery phallus all the way into her and pulling just short of release.

The nurse looked on in aprroval. Sasha’s pretty face contorted as she gasped and moaned. Her tits wobbled, nipples straining as they were tugged at by the milking machine, and her cock stood almost straight up, dribbling precum like a leaky faucet. The clear liquid oozed down the veiny shaft slowly, adding to the torturous sensation of being mercilessly, if inexorably, fucked.

“Well, I wish I could stay, but I must go check on the stud pen,” the nurse said, checking her watch. “I daresay you’ll be much more tractable when I get back.” Sasha didn’t even hear the door close. The only thing occupying her mind was the dildo slowly pounding her, the suction on her nipples and her poor, aching cock.

She renewed her struggle against the restraints, trying in vain to squeeze her hands through the padded rings. The only thing that accomplished was giving her aching wrists. She was lucky she was wearing gloves or she might have abraded her skin. Sasha whimpered. This machine was going to drive her insane and she hadn’t even been in it for five minutes!

She twisted around, trying to dislodge the dildo but it was bendy enough to stay in her. Her cock swung about, flicking stringy globs of precum that pattered against her skin. One glob landed on Sasha’s lips and she licked it up reflexively, tasting the familiar, faint tang of her own sperm.

Sasha panted. She’d hoped that would sate her for a moment or two, but it actually made her hornier! She twisted again and again, but this time she felt a click. The leg braces were loosening! They were open! She wasn’t sure why or how.

For a moment, she remained absolutely still, trying to listen over the hum of the machine for someone who might be standing nearby and watching her. This could be a test! It felt like forever, but it might have been all of twelve seconds before her resolve broke.

She grunted as she forced the clamps open with her thighs. She tried to lift herself off the seat, but she couldn’t get enough leverage. The sweat and lube made her ass slippery and she slid forward a few inches, burying the dildo even deeper!

In desperation, Sasha banged her heel against the control panel, hoping to break it, or at least hit the stop button. She felt the piston speed up and gasped as the machine pumped the rubbery blue dick into her poor asshole even faster, its solid balls slapping against her flesh.

Sasha’s position now allowed her to see her cock, but the view provided little else. If she had a little more leverage, she could swing her legs and suck herself off, but the constant pounding of the dildo-piston was maddening and distracting.

A mad idea occured to her. She drew her knees in close to her chest and swung her legs out. Sweat dripped down her forehead as she grunted in concentration. Her foot twitched and bumped her cock, making it sway. Sasha bit her lip as she managed to pin the sensitive organ between the toes of both feet and eased it into the curve of her arches. Precum made the job especially tricky, as it had dribbled down all sides of the shaft. It did, however, make what she was about to do a lot easier and pleasurable.

Sasha began to slide her feet up and down the length of her shaft. It was a difficult task, since her cock was so slippery and the pumping piston was making her rock. To say nothing of the insistent suction pulling at her nipples.

A groan slipped through her gritted teeth as her toes carressed the tip, rubbing the spongy, sensitive head. She’d been on the edge for so long; that was all it took to launch her into orgasm.

Sasha jerkily rubbed the sides of her shaft with her feet, trying to squeeze as much pleasure out of the orgasm as she could. Cum geysered out of her cock in pulsing jets that twirled in the air and splattered on her tits, belly, face and hair. All the stimulation from her nipples and ass was just intensifying her ecstasy. Her eyes fluttered as her balls emptied themselves and tears of joy coursed down her cheeks. She licked all around her mouth, savoring every drop of rich semen she could swallow as the flow tapered off, until there was just a ragged, quivering trickle of sperm leaking from her cock.


The attendant arrived in the darkened monitoring room. She saw the unmistakeable profile of Head Nurse Jaime silhouetted in the light of the screens. She was watching Sasha orgasm with a smile.

“Oh wow, I had no idea the leg clamps were faulty,” the nurse said as she saw what was happening. “I’ll go–”

“No, don’t bother,” Jaime replied. “It’s already happened. Let Sasha have her moment.” Both of them could see Sasha straining her neck to lick at the globs of cum on her shoulders and breasts.

“She’s… very limber,” the nurse remarked.

“Mmmm,” Jaime nodded. “I think this ought to keep her docile for a few days. Giving a cow a little taste of freedom now and then is good for the milk.”

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