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“Hey Opal, it’s Audrey. Remember that gay guy from art history class? He’s having a Halloween party at his place and he invited Babs and I. I don’t think we can squeeze you in so, um, sorry about that. We’re still on for our study group though, right? But, uh, we should probably move it to Sunday… Anyway, I gotta go. Babs is yelling something about her zipper. Bye!”

Opal stared at the answering machine. She’d just come home from class, still in her sexy witch costume and that message was waiting on the machine for her.

“That’s the last straw,” she growled. Audrey and Babs had seemed like nice girls when they’d met during the first week of class, but it became abundantly clear that they didn’t really see her as a friend. Every time she wanted to do something that didn’t involved helping them with class work, they’d find a reason to ditch her. They’d agreed to do some Halloween clubbing back when she’d suggested it in September, but now…

Opal walked her way down to the basement, her heels clacking against the aged wooden stairs, ducking low to avoid knocking off her witch’s hat. She went into the storage room and pulled open an old cardboard box. Beneath the old knicknacks like cracked jade statuettes, bugs trapped in amber, tarnished silver chains and water-damaged photographs was an old book with a demonic-looking charm dangling from the spine. Tabs of paper poked from the top and bottom, marking pages, and many looked to be quite recent. Opal snatched it up along with a few of the items in the box.

“Sorry, Auntie Agatha,” Opal said as she opened the book. Its pages were smooth vellum yellowed with age. “I know you told me never to use chapter five, but I am seriously sick of their bullshit.” She flipped through the pages, her heart thumping as she regarded the diagrams and incantations. “Here we go… how to summon a demon of revenge.”

She copied the summoning circle hexagram from the illustration, inscibing it on the floor with a piece of chalk. Opal lined the circle with lit candles and began to chant, reciting the incantation. The air grew hazy and cloying as the candles’ smoke swirled about in the centre of the circle, and the moonlight shining through the window seemed to eclipse. They started to sputter and flare, and Opal’s voice shook with excitement but did not falter. Suddenly, the candles snuffed out, leaving only darkness.


Vazoleth, Essence of Red Hunger, grinned down at the slender morsel her supplicants brought her. He was a young male of fiendish descent with dusky eyes, pale golden skin, and a mouth like a hungry calf. He bobbed his head up and down her erection as she lay in her cushioned harem. Her horned head was in the lap of another slave who fed her juicy berries, while a third rubbed scented oil into her calves. She was very nearly queen of Malardor, city of pleasurable torture and torturous pleasure.

Her eyes widened as she felt the insistent pull of a summoning. Before the next berry could fall into her mouth, she disappeared.


“Who dares to summon me?” an oddly seductive voice spoke with an undercurrent of anger. A musky, peppery scent filled the air, making Opal feel warm.

“I dare,” the young witch spoke up. “Show yourself!”

She gasped as the candles suddenly flared up, light returned to the room. The creature standing in the circle certainly didn’t resemble a demon of revenge. She was tall, pleasantly muscled, and female… except for the thick masculine genitals hanging between her legs! It was fully erect and wet, dripping with foamy saliva. The demon stood there, hip cocked, flexing fingers tipped in brass talons. Sweat glistened on her blue skin, sparkling in the bright light. She panted, her breasts heaving, and her eyes flashed with irritation at Opal. A long spaded tail flicked behind the horned creature, and a pair of leathery wings twitched from her shoulders. The circle appeared to be just barely holding her in.

“I command you, Oultiel, demon of vengeance, to give me–”

The demon snorted. “Idiot mortal! You think I’m some lowly Erinyes, here to mete out your petty whims? You have no idea what powers you have angered with your summons.”

Opal thumbed through her spellbook, uncertain as to what the creature meant. She knew that demons were a capricious and fickle lot, but she was unprepared to have her actions called out by her evoked servant.

“Ah yes, of course,” Vazoleth snorted as she watched the witch consulting the spellbook. “If all else fails, read the manual.” She ground her teeth together. This place stank of humans and it was just chilly enough to be uncomfortable. The idiot witch wasn’t bad on the eyes… Vazoleth figured the girl was probably in over her head anyway. Why not have a little fun with her?

She dragged her fingers around one nipple, the metal claws clinking quietly against the piercing. Vazoleth grinned as she twisted and rolled her nipple between finger and thumb, and the dark blue teat began to respond, leaking out a trickle of creamy white milk. She glanced up at the witch, but she was still scanning her book’s pages. Vazoleth smiled and continued to stroke her tit, making more and more milk leak out until it began to drip on the floor.

She let out a low moan and the witch glanced up at the sound. Her mouth opened in surprise and Vazoleth squeezed her breast, making a stream of milk squirt from her nipple into the girl’s mouth.

Opal gasped as the taste hit her tongue. It was smooth and buttery, but there was a spiciness to it. It seemed to inflame her body and mind, like liquor, and she felt suddenly aroused and light-headed.

“Look at me,” Vazoleth purred, undulating her hips and tail like a belly dancer. Opal’s eyes involuntarily met hers and the demon beckoned. “Come here.”

The redhead felt drawn forward, like iron filings to a magnet. She got to her feet, intent on escape, but she couldn’t turn away from the demon’s suggestive swaying. She took an involuntary step forward, eyes fixed on the creatures’s member. It swung side to side like a cobra mesmerizing its prey.

“You are feeling quite warm, yes?” Vazoleth smiled. “Too warm.” It was true. Opal felt flushed and uncomfortable in her clothes. She undid the straps of her dress and peeled it down. It felt a little better. She groaned and pulled it down the rest of the way, her beasts popping out from beneath the tight fabric. Her nipples stiffened in the cool air as she stepped out of her dress. The heat was particularly unbearable between her legs, so she removed her panties, pulling a silvery string of juice from her pussy down with them. The demon beckoned Opal closer.

“No, I can’t–”

“Hush,” Vazoleth said huskily as Opal approached, struggling to turn away. The witch’s shoe scraped against the chalk, scuffing the pattern.

That was all it took. Vazoleth grabbed Opal by the throat and stepped out of the now-broken circle, grinning fiendishly. She pushed the witch against the wall, pinning her there.

“Fool,” Vazoleth chuckled. She licked Opal’s face with a tongue far longer than any human’s. “Your little summoning trick was only your first mistake.” Opal’s moan was cut off as Vazoleth drilled her tongue into the witch’s mouth. Opal felt the fleshy fist of the demon’s cock pressing into her, and tried to fight the blue-skinned creature off. Her fingers closed around Vazoleth’s wrists, but were unable to stop her from teasing Opal’s nipples. Opal shivered as Vazoleth twisted and pulled the sensitive fleshy nubs.

She gasped as the tongue pulled free of her mouth, the demon drawing out the motion by dragging her teeth against Opal’s bottom lip, and her eyes widened as Vazoleth ran a claw down her belly to the cleft of her legs. “Mmm, it would be a waste of flesh to just gut you,” Vazoleth said seductively. “But you taste so good.” She leaned in, kissing and nibbling Opal’s shoulder, moving to the witch’s jaw and crawling up to her ear. She bit down gently, scraping her teeth against the delicate lobes. Her metal talons slipped between Opal’s legs and the witch moaned as two fingers slid into her.

Opal’s mind was consumed by a toxic haze of arousal and fear. She knew the demon was toying with her like a cat with it’s prey, but she was unable, and more than a little unwilling, to resist. Just being close to the demon was enough to keep her horny. The abyssal creature’s sweaty flesh stank of exotic, forbidden pleasures, of animal musk and unending sensual torment. Opal cried out as the demon’s claw scraped against her clit.

“Perhaps this wasn’t a total loss,” Vazoleth licked her lips. “Yes, perhaps I shall visit again, now that you’ve shown me the way here. I imagine you would like that, little human.” She curled her fingers inside Opal, rubbing the soft, moist walls of her pussy with her knuckles. Her thumb-claw gently pricked Opal’s clit and rolled it around with expert precision.

“God… oh god,” Opal whimpered. Her quarrel with Audrey and Babs was all but forgotten in the face of this onslaught of sensation. She felt something brush up her leg and slip between her ass cheeks. She glanced down and saw the demon’s snaky tail twitching and undulating as it slid further upwards, reaching the tight, virgin hole and gently worming inside. Opal shuddered as it swirled around like a questing finger. “Ohhhh… g-g…”

Vazoleth grinned and reached down to grip Opal’s butt with both hands. She lifted the witch up until her pussy was level with her cock. Opal struggled weakly to quell her lust. She tried to shove Vazoleth back, but only succeeded in placing her hands against the demon’s shoulders. The demon paused, savouring this small obstruction.

“Still resistant, little one?” Vazoleth smirked. “We’ll soon have you broken of that. Mmmmm, yes… broken and bred. You shall make a passable breeding-sow once you’re fully in my thrall.” Opal sobbed in a mixture of desire and trepidation. The thick cock inched closer, until it was hovering just beyond Opal’s moist labia. “You will enjoy growing fat with my brood. I might even gift you with extra pairs of teats to feed them all.”

The witch’s strength failed at the thought of being claimed by this creature. Vazoleth’s cock slid forward and the head pushed inside…

It was the spark that ignited the fire. Golden light beamed from Opal’s eyes and mouth and a mystic trail of runes bloomed into radiance just above her pussy. Vazoleth snarled in surprise and alarm as she felt her strength diminish. She tried to pull away, but her movements were sluggish. Her strength was draining away like frost in the morning sun!

Opal gasped as she felt Vazoleth’s control over her break. She felt more lucid, but her intense arousal still burned as hot as it had a moment ago. She felt Vazoleth trying to escape and quickly wrapped her legs around the demon, holding her cock in place.

“Uh-uh,” she panted with a grin. “You’re gonna stay here and finish what you started.”

“What have you done, you filthy subcreature?” Vazoleth growled. Like Opal, she was still aroused, but that magical trap had absorbed all he power.

“I dunno,” Opal chuckled. “Some gift of my aunt’s, I bet. To protect me from extraplanar rapists.” She saw the demon raise a hand to strike at her and spoke a magical syllable. Mystical bindings appeared around Vazoleth’s wrists and ankles, and she stumbled backwards, wings flapping, as Opal gestured with one hand and held on with the other.

The two of them crashed onto a pile of boxes covered with a tarp. Vazoleth grunted as Opal fell atop her. In other circumstances, she would have loved the feeling of the young redhead landing on her, but she hated the vulnerable position she was in, even if she enjoyed the girl’s pussy.

“Get off me!” Vazoleth roared. “You’ll suffer for this indignity, slut!”

Opal sat up, still impaled on the demon’s cock, and spoke another word, bringing two things within her reach: her spellbook, and what appeared to be a loop of leather with a short metal bar attached.

“I don’t suppose you recognize the Red-Iron Bridle of St. Arseniy,” Opal said. With a flick of her fingers, the metal was between Vazoleth’s teeth. She huffed and grunted, her lips curling, but was unable to do more. The witch grinned down at the glaring demon. “Much better. Now just lie back and enjoy it.”

She began to roll her hips back, sliding deeper onto Vazoleth’s member, and she moaned as she enjoyed the penetration, feeling every texture of the demon’s thick cock filling her. She leaned forward, gripping Vazoleth’s horns as she humped up and down on the juice-slicked shaft. “Ooooh yeah,” Opal grunted. “Good thing you come with handlebars.”

Vazoleth snorted as she bucked beneath Opal, ostensibly trying to free herself, but merely adding to Opal’s experience. Her pride compelled her to escape this indignity, but her lust compelled her to cum. Opal rode her like a prize steed, working her hips against Vazoleth’s rythm, their bodies slapping loudly against each other’s. Vazoleth’s eyes grew glassy as she could feel her orgasm approaching…

Opal seemed to guess what was happening. She reached behind herself and grabbed Vazoleth’s tail. Nimbly, she twisted it into a loop around the base of the demon’s balls, tying off her scrotum. Vazoleth’s eyes bulged and she roared at Opal, spittle dripping all over the bridle.

“Ah ah ah,” the witch said breathlessly. “You don’t get to cum until I do. And only if you’re good. Now… How about a little more tail action, huh? Like before.” Vazoleth calmed down a little, her chest heaving, milk dripping down the slopes of her breasts. She curled her tail, prodding at Opal’s asshole as the witch slowly ground against her cock. It slipped in, easier than before, and Opal moaned as the spaded tip popped inside. She held on, relishing the slender, flexible appendage pumping into her. Vazoleth found some small comfort in knowing that she still had some power over the witch. Still, her balls ached… she needed to cum!

Opal panted as she sped up her pace, bouncing vigorously on the thick member, her comparatively small breasts jumping with each movement. Her grip on Vazoleth’s tail began to loosen and her breaths came out in short gasps as her orgasm began to build.

Vazoleth’s breath came out in powerful snorts as she matched Opal’s pace, trying to free her balls from the constriction. She could feel it working, the sensation crawling back into her churning testicles at a torturously slow pace.

The wich gasped and bore down as the first shudder of orgasm hit her, followed by another. Her back arched as she quivered on the demon’s cock, while her grip on the tail slackened and it unraveled from around the demon’s scrotum. Vazoleth grunted in delight and took the opportunity to pound into Opal, intensifying the witch’s ecstasy. Her own orgasm built faster and faster until finally…

Vazoleth tlet out a strangled roar as she felt her tortured balls unleash their creamy payload, spurting geysers of potent demonic seed into Opal. She contented herself with the knowledge that she may not have been in control of the situation, but the human bitch was almost certainly bred. That thought alone gave her a flurry of pleasure, compounding her already-orgasmic state.

“Wow,” Opal said breathlessly, regaining herself whilst the demon still twitched within her. The warm, creamy feeling was beyond any she’d ever had before. She pulled her floating spellbook to herself and flipped through it, coming at last to a page with a crude illustration. Reluctantly, Opal pulled herself off of Vazoleth’s still-pulsing cock. Cum surged out of it in thick, lazy globs that ran down the slimy shaft. Opal sighed in resignation as she felt it running down the insides of her thighs. Hopefully it wouldn’t ruin her boots.

Vazoleth felt the bridle release from her mouth as she was pulled into a standing position. The bindings on her wrists and ankles were still active, though, and the witch was scribing more symbols in the floor around her.

“You might think you’ve won, little slut,” Vazoleth gloated. “But even now, my seed is taking root inside you. How will you fare in this world with the fruit of our union swelling your belly?”

“I’ll be fine, thanks to the bridle,” Opal said, diligently copying the pattern from the book and placing the candles. “It was magic. Anyway, I’m sending you back to where you came from, more or less.” Vazoleth didn’t like the sound of that.

“Oh, one last thing before you go,” Opal added. She gestured, and a silver ring appeared on Vazoleth’s cock, shrinking to just tight enough to be noticeable. The witch’s eyes twinkled and she swatted Vazoleth on the butt. “Just a memento. See you next time… Vazoleth.”

The demon was speechless. The witch knew her true name! Before Vazoleth could promise revenge, Opal began chanting, and the smoke swirled upward, obscuring the room. With a final syllable, Vazoleth was gone.


In the city of Malardor, Vazoleth strode, stonefaced, down the perfumed boulevard leading to her tower. She heard the snickers and felt the sneers. Her fists clenched. Not only did she have to return to her manse on foot, but the ring practically glowed on her cock, compounding her humilation!


Opal sighed and leaned back, basking in the afterglow and watching the smoke dissipate. She ran a finger over her slimy cunt and shuddered in delight. Maybe she’d introduce Audrey and Babs to her new playmate…

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