Hey Comrades.
As you noticed updates been pretty light lately. Im going through some personal stuff, and my life is kinda chaotic right now, with allot of uncertainty. Its not disastrous but this situation been pretty bad for my creative process.

Im getting things under control and I want to thank you for being patient, im want to get back to regular updates this month.

Todays update, is little look into Peach’s job as Pleasure Officer and also a little gift art to Joël Jurion who had birthday ricently.

Next update will be Peach Changeroom, with next visitor, April!



Thank you for your patience, things not been calm on my side for past couple of weeks so my productivity was pretty low.
That said i am happy with how Meryl’s adventures in changeroom came out.

Ill try to get one more update before end of the month.


Greetings Comrades.

New instalment of Peach Changeroom is upon us. Is Erik finally getting a brake?

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