Hey Comrades. Move to the new place prevented me working on Sponty and Sam picture, but i did whip up something.
Its a mock up screenshot for my dream game, Milking Tycoon, is a business simulation game where you in charge of company tasked with producing merchandise made out of futa girls cum and breast milk.
I hope one day to work on a game like that, but for now it have to exist in this form.


Greetings Comrades.
Today’s update is Easter picture for 2018, i decided to start on it early.
In all seriousness, i wanted to get this out earlier, but bunch of life stuff got in the way like looking for new house and getting ready to move.

I hope you enjoy latest update, Its feturing Peach and Joelle, it some hot back alley action. I commissioned Ada a story to go with my pic and i think its a hot read.

Enjoy and look forward to more Sponty and horse-girls in next update.


Hey Comrades.
I been working on few projects past week, and want to show you sketches i done for them. In today’s update there are some sketches for Jimmy to turn into sweet new animation, sketch for next picture featuring Sponty and Sam, and also draft for Peach and Joelle easter adventures. Hope you enjoy the peek.
Next update will be Peach Easter.

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