Greetings Comrades.

Todays update is a bit of diversion, i had some ideas for future adventures of Peach and decided to do some design work.

Next week update will be more of April at Peach’s Changeroom series.


Happy Halloween Comrades, This is quite an ambitious image, there is still a bit of work left but i wanted to posted something in time for celebration.
Peach, Joelle and Chris are trick or treating, and found one of the neighbors creative treat.


Hey Comrades.

Peach Changeroom having a new visitor, and this time around Peach’s Goth Bimbo sister April is taking a ride on this party train.

Erik is about to experience his biggest challenge yet.

Next update will be Halloween, and i have a pretty good idea of what i want to do, cant wait to show you guys.

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