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Mistress Zuri, the mistress of paizuri, is all about titty wanking, with the biggest tits of all the mistresses, no man or woman can resist the power of her tits!  A vaginal virgin, she exists to jerk off cock with her tits, thighs, asscheeks, and any other place she can fit a cock.


Greetings Comrades.

Before moving with further with Jun and Emily series i wanted to workout how they look fully clothed, and bscialy design outfits for them. So they can take them off later.

In todays update there is fully clothed version, partially clothed and nude, and offcourse bikini version.


UPDATE: Story by Ada is now added.

Hey Comrades.

Here is beginning of short series featuring Jun and Emily.

This was meant to come out around Christmas (merry Christmas btw), but stuff happens, and than i got sick, so post been a bit delayed. For this i apologise.

Ada is working story for this series, and i will update this post with text once its done (should be a day or two) so check back to read it.

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