Hey Comrades. Boys got to have hobbies, i think airsoft is not a bad one for them. Plus opens up opportunities for adventures.

In other news, times been pretty hard last couple of weeks. We found out that our apartment is infested with black mold, and we been having respiratory health issues due to that. We have to vacate and look for new place. This situation been preoccupying me, and made it hard to focus on drawing. So i apologise for lack of updates. I will try to update site with at least a sketch or quick color job for next few weeks until we find and settle into new place. Thank you for your patience and support.

I know that todays update is not specifically XXX rated, but maybe i can be a base for some hot action later on, let me know.

More Angelmoon art next week.


Hey Comrades!

I been doing fair bit of sketching in last few weeks, and want to share them with you.
Also i wanted to design character with body type i dont usually do so i present to you Jun Sayama, Japanese femboy. Depending or the response i might do more of him in the future.


Greetings Comrades.

Todays update is loaded with goodies. Color picture two sketches and story by Ada. All inspired by idea of Peach and Joelle seeking new ways to make money and have fun in process. Hope you enjoy end result.

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